Local Links and Addresses
McIntosh County, Georgia

This page is dedicated to local attractions, research areas, physical addresses and various links dealing with the McIntosh County, Georgia area only.

There are many, many more places and things to do in McIntosh, I can't possibly provide links for everything, but here is a good start.


McIntosh County Courthouse
P.O. Box 1661
Darien, GA 31305
Phone: (912) 437-6641
Fax: (912) 437-6673
Courthouse was burned once during the Civil War in 1863, then caught fire again in 1872.  Many early records were lost.


Lower Altamaha Historical Society
P.O. Box 1405
Darien, GA 31305
(912) 485-2251
Fax: (912) 485-2141
Website:  http://www.loweraltamahahistoricalsociety.org/


Ida Hilton Public Library
1105 Northway
P.O. Box 1227
Darien, GA 31305
(912) 437-2124




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