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This page is dedicated to volunteers who are willing to do lookups for researchers who do not live in the area.
Many of us have books and records in our special collections that will be very helpful to genealogists.

Information on living people will not be given, so don't ask to find
a living relative or friend, hire a private detective.

Our local library does not offer a research service, they only do minimal searches as they do not have the staff or time to provide this kind of service.

Therefore it is up to people like the ones listed on this page to help out.  Some researchers may charge fees, usually if they have to go out of their way or pay for a record.  These fees are what the record holder (i.e. courthouse, health department) charge for copies and should not exceed that plus shipping.  I have listed fees that apply to most areas in town, as of this date:  August 2005.

Health Department:  Birth and death records are $25 for the first copy and $5 for each additional copy.  You must be a next of kin to obtain a complete death record.  Birth records are private and copies are only issued to immediate family members.

Courthouse:  25 cents per copy and a $5 certification fee.  Court Clerks are very busy and understaffed and may charge higher rates for copy requests.  DO NOT send them a list of people and records to look for!

Library:  15 cents per copy.

Due to copyright laws, photocopies of a book can not be made.  You can however get a copy of the title page, table of contents, and an index page.

Good luck and happy hunting!

If you would like to volunteer, please email me and give me list of what and where you are willing to search.  Thanks!



Amy Hedrick will do lookups in her personal library and
will do research requests as time permits for Glynn County
only; she no longer has time to go to other counties.



Georgia Genealogy - Clay County and Beyond
Brielle Parson is willing to provide research in Clay County and anywhere in the
state of Georgia the research may take her.






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