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Holtzendorf(f) Family
Berne Plantation, Camden County, Georgia

Berne Plantation Ledger; Louis Anderson Holtzendorff

This ledger was brought to the Bryan-Lang Historical Archives in Camden County, Georgia in hopes that they would purchase it for their collection. Unfortunately, at the time, there weren't any funds available to purchase the ledger book and it is unknown where the original is today. However, someone at the archives had enough foresight to make Xerox copies of the ledger which can be found at the archives today.

The ledger was "titled" with Louis Anderson Holtzendorff's name, suggesting he was the author of this ledger which was a collection of dates for planting and harvesting, as well as some recipes for blackberry wine and medicines, for example, one was a "Cure for Dysentery". Even the names of some of Louis' children, with dates, are listed in this ledger.

I did not have time to read the entire ledger, it's not very big, but, it's a Xerox copy of handwritten pages from the 19th century; therefore, I merely scanned the pages looking for the names of the enslaved. And, scattered throughout the many listings for "planting cotton" were remarks like "Fannie sick", "Betty sick" and "Israel sick". Therefore, it would be wise for someone to transcribe the entire ledger and extract every instance of a name and the dates.

A side note, it's possible this Israel, was later known as Israel Littlfield after Emancipation and their daughter, Mary, married the man known after Emancipation as Tony Nightingale. Also, Israel's wife, according to the 1870 Camden County, Georgia census, was Betty.

While thumbing through the pages, I was shocked to find a list titled "Births of Negros" starting in 1821!

Most of the listings have a complete birth date and some even have a death date/year, however, I'm not sure what was intended as the death date was written in between those named, thus, it could be the death date for the person above the date or below the date. I am going to assume that the death date was written above the person for whom it was intended, for example, Louisa was listed then Sarah and in between the two was a death date, I have attributed the death date to Sarah.

Also, while transcribing the list found on "page 22" I noticed that it was copied several times in this packet, however, turns out, someone actually rewrote the list a second time because the names are not in the same exact order, and where on one list a day of birth was missing, the second list recorded the day.

For posterity, I have merged the lists into one, matching the order found on "page 22" because on the latter copies, Minty was missing completely and Polly was listed twice.

There were only 26 people listed and any surnames are my own assumptions and not original to the document.


D Month Year D Month Year
Doll 0 OOO 1803 0 OOO 0  
Louisa 17 November 1821 0 OOO 0  
Sarah 22 July 1824 0 OOO 1868  
Adam 1 August 1827 0 OOO 1862  
Edward 15 January 1830 0 OOO 1862  
Minty 27 July 1833 0 OOO 0  
Bill 14 September 1836 0 OOO 0 Taylor?
Toney 15 February 1839 0 OOO 0 Nightingale
Ellen 28 December 1840 0 OOO 0  
Hester 2 July 1841 0 OOO 0 Taylor?
Elizabeth 3 August 1842 0 OOO 0  
Julia 5 February 1843 0 OOO 0  
Nelson 18 November 1844 0 OOO 1863  
Crockett 4 January 1845 0 OOO 0 Holtzendorf
Caroline 28 May 1847 0 OOO 0 King
Molly 8 June 1848 0 OOO 0  
Jane 0 October 1850 0 OOO 0  
Rhoda 5 June 1850 0 OOO 0 King
Mary 16 April 1856 0 OOO 0 King
Phebe 3 April 1853 0 OOO 0  
Dianah 1 September 1853 0 OOO 0  
Amanda 29 August 1856 0 OOO 0  
Polly 9 September 1861 0 OOO 0  
Maria 11 March 1859 0 OOO 0  
Alise 0 July 1860 0 OOO 0  
Nelly 25 October 1860 0 OOO 0 Nightingale (Tony's daughter?)



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