Thomas Dover Slave Extractions July 1845

Thomas Dover

One of the early settlers to Glynn County, Thomas Dover, was the proprietor of Dover Hall Plantation near the town of Bethel here in Glynn County. This plantation is located on Hwy. 99, just North of Hwy. 82. His neighbors included the Tison family at Bethel and Coleridge and the Hazlehursts on Anguilla Plantation, which was also considered a small "town" where the train would stop.

There are three graves located on this site, one of Thomas Dover and the other two for John Vickery and George March. The graves are in ruin and have been demolished by the negligent bulldozing of the property during tree farming by the paper company. This was originally a cotton plantation and apparently quite a prosperous one. In March of 1849 there was an entry for $2716.60 from proceeds of cotton and the total value of the 74 enslaved persons working the plantation was $20,850. The household items alone totaled over $26,000.

The following records were extracted from the probate record of Thomas Dover. Since he was quite wealthy, there may be more enslavement records to be found in the deed books.  Calculations are those of the filing clerk.  Lines were drawn under certain names, perhaps denoting families?

Dover hall 26 July 1845 Glynn County, Georgia
A bill of appraisement of the property belonging
to Thomas Dover late of said County, deceased
[image Appraisement 2a & 2b]

Inventories & Appraisements Vol. E pgs. 55 & 56
[Glynn County Probate Court]

Lammia       $600 Genny        $200 Eliza $150
Renty 300 B. George 200 Peggy 100
Archy 500 Morris 225 Abby        100
Isrial 500 Quash 500 Tim         500
Clarasy 450 Frank 450 H May 250
Neptune 200 Grace        450 Mary 500
Abraham 150 Patty 450 Stephen 450
London        100 Harriet 200 Mariah 300
Betty 450 Sucky 150 Isabella 450
Elizabeth 175 Palbrusa? 200 Mole 150
Victoria        100 Daniel 125 Cudgo         150
Peggy 450 Tom           100 Jacob 500
Nanetta 450 Charles 400 Sam 800
Richard 300 O May       100 Edgy? 450
Robert 250 Toby          500 Smart 150
Matilda 200 Sophia 350 Tor? 100       
Elvira         150 Rachel 300   $20,850
Sarah 300 Elsy 450    
Tinah 250 Nancy 300    
Sally 250 O Tom         00    
Kate           125 C Ben 200    
B. Ben        100 Polly 450    
Rosetta 450 Mary Ann 150    
Margaret 200 Hannah         100    
Tom 150 Peter 350    
Philis          100 Cloye? 450    
Nanny 450 Edward 300    
Isac 150 Pheby 250    
Lydia         100       Bick? 200         
  $7950   $16,050    

Freedman's Bureau record found for a Nancy Johnson who claims her father was Thomas Dover and Rachel, states that she was born at Dover Hall but her master was General White of Savannah, she was yellow in complexion [could the slave master Thomas Dover been her father?].  Her husband's name was George and she had children Charles, Quivis, Joshua, and Matilda.

Elsie Stevens has a record as well, stating that Thos. McNish of Savannah was her master [the McNish family is intermarried with the Hazlehursts who owned property near Dover, even Dover Hall itself at one time].  She was yellow in complexion, the wife of Ishmael and had children Cornelia and James.

It's possible that both of these women are listed above in the slave inventory with Old Tom and a Rachel to be found within their grouping.  Maybe their father was the illegitimate son of the slave master Thomas Dover, or he just took the last name for himself.




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