Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Chapel
- St. Marys

Housed in the original Bank of St. Marys (ca 1840) on the corner of Osborne & Bryant, Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Chapel was founded in 1847.  The only Catholic church in the area, the plaque on the front of the building states that in 1840 Our Lady became the 6th parish founded in Georgia.  This church served as the main meeting house until 1958 when a new church was built.  The above photo was taken during Christmas time of 2000.  Below, new photos reflect the renovation work that is being done.

This church was founded by the Spanish and French families who settled in this area.  The Pacettis, Dufours, and Arnows were among those who worshipped here.  Originally, they worshipped in the DuFour store.  When the Bank of St. Marys (1863-1842) failed the building was purchased by Marie Ponce DuFour and given to the Catholics.

This building was damaged during the Civil War but worshippers made repairs and keep the church in use.  It can be seen on Osborne Street in the Historic District of St. Marys.

This building is still in use by the Catholic church and maintained by them.  It's the oldest existing masonry bank building in Georgia.

As of 2001 members of this church have been working to restore the building to the way it originally looked.  It's been painted and a new roof has been added.  Plans are in the works for a new steeple that were created along the lines of the old steeple (which doesn't exist anymore).


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