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Nestled in the woods off a lonely dirt road sits Burnt Fort Chapel.

Despite its antique appearance, this version of the chapel was actually built in the 1970's.  It was, however, modeled after the original Burnt Fort Chapel.  Regardless of its age, this beautiful building is a marvelous example of the preservation of Camden's history.

In the 1880's, a small Baptist church was built at Burnt Fort.  By the 1940's, low attendance had caused the church to close.  By the 1960's and 1970's, the church had all but disappeared.  In 1976, the people of the Burnt Fort Community decided to rebuild the church.  In the fall of 1977 the new church, which was model on the old one, opened its doors.  In 1991 the church was renovated and updated.

Burnt Fort Cemetery lies a short walk away.  To the right of the church sits the Burnt Fort School - one of the last one-room schoolhouses remaining in Camden.  Efforts are under way to save this building, as well.

Burnt Fort Chapel Homecoming
Reprinted from the Tribune & Georgian newspaper 30 October 1996

The 20th Annual Homecoming festivities at Burnt Fort Chapel were held on the first Sunday afternoon, Nov. 3, at 1 p.m.

An old-fashioned "dinner on the ground" was spread on picnic tables outdoors and everyone was invited to bring a basket lunch for their family.

The Homecoming message was brought just after lunch by Pastor Eric McClellan of the Folkston First Assembly of God.  He has been saved since April of 1989 from a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and sexual promiscuity that had been passed down from his father, who was a major drug dealer in southeast Georgia and northeast Florida.

After his radical conversion to Jesus, he began to be discipled and was later called into the ministry as an evangelist in 1992.  Mr. McClellan is currently serving as pastor at the Folkston First Assembly of God and continuing to reach out in evangelism.

Mr. McClellan's testimony is especially encouraging to those who are praying and standing in faith for their own or a loved one's deliverance from enslaving habits through the life-changing power of God!

Special music was brought by Robin Sheppherd from Brunswick, Ga. whose rendition of "In The Presence of Jehovah," has been sung before thousands in the United States and China.

Ms. Sheppherd has also sung at the Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensacola, Fla. which has been in continuous revival since June 1995.  She is a member of the worship choir of the Christian Renewal Church in Brunswick.

Pianist was Neil Buie McChird.

The Burnt Fort Church has been a center of spiritual and community activity in this historic area for several generations.

Since it was first built in the 18th century, the church has hosted Union, Episcopal and later Methodist and Baptist congregations.  Plans for the current nondenominational chapel were conceived in 1976, as a bicentennial project, and the church was fully resurrected and dedicated to the glory of God in 1977.

Twenty years have passed since those who loved and shared the vision of the "Little Brown Church in the Wildwood" gathered from near and far, held hands and asked the Lord to bless the land and rebuilding efforts.

Many of those who attended that first meeting and/or helped rebuild the chapel have since died.  Included among these were Duncan Buie, G.C. Harrell, Mary and Bill Wright, Kitty Godley Littlefield, Mary Lee Clark, Bertha Rose, Marguerite Godley Reddick, Eunice and Buck Thrift, J. Edwin Godley, Georgia Littlefield Brown, Lilla Mae Godley, Sydney and Margaret Brown, Colquitt Hopkins, Mallie Bedell Perry, Virginia Lang Colsen, Jack Godley, Theodore Bruce, Evelyn Harrell O'Barr, Julian Parker, Mike McGraw, Winnie Davis Huling, Mary Stokes Davis, Gaston Davis, M.G. Davis Sr., and Pastor and Mrs. John G. Ivey.

After the present chapel was dedicated, for many years nondenominational services were regularly held on first Sunday afternoons.  Then after these were discontinued, the congregation of the 3-R Baptist Church was given permission to hold services at the chapel until they could find a permanent location.

Thus in this way, the Burnt Fort Baptist Church, now located on the Burnt Fort Road at Midriver, was given a helpful hand by the Burnt Fort Chapel.  Also throughout the years the picturesque chapel has been a popular location for weddings, family reunions, Easter egg hunts, wiener roasts and prayer and praise gatherings.

It is especially hoped old friends and families will return for the 20th anniversary Homecoming at Burnt Fort Chapel.  The many new families in the area are also encouraged to attend and become acquainted.

Burnt Fort Chapel is located near the Satilla River between White Oak and Folkston, just of Highway 252, at Burnt Fort.  Notice the Burnt Fort Chapel sign and turn on Bailey Mill Road, then take the first road to the left.

Prayers are requested that the Lord will have His way and continue to use the Burnt Fort Chapel.  Pray for this year's Homecoming to be God's success.

Especially pray for the Homecoming speaker, Eric McClellan, to have the ability to hear and the boldness to speak what the Holy Spirit instructs him to say to those who hear the call of God and are obedient to attend.




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