Coastal Georgia Slave Records

Misc. Records

Name Changes of Newly Freed-persons

ANDREWS, Joseph B.

ARMSTRONG, Thomas 1818

BELL, Nathaniel 1834

BOWERS, Jonathan 1829

BOYD, Samuel 1823

BUTLER Family 1859

BURNETT, Col. John J. 1839

BURNETT, John J., Jr.  1849

BURNETT, John R. 1860

CATER, Benjamin F.  1840

COUPER, James Hamilton 1866

CRAWFORD, William 1809

DEMERE, Raymond 1820

DEWITT, Charles 1822

DOVER, Thomas 1845

DUBIGNON, Christophe Poulain  1825

GIGNILLIAT, James 1823


GOULD, James 1857

GRANT, Hary 1815

HAMILTON, James 1845-57

HAZZARD, Thomas Fuller 1857

HOPKINS, Francis 1827

JENKINS, William D. 1858

KING, Anna Matilda 1860

LAMB, Family 1847-1859

MASSIE, Peter 1839

McKINNON, Thomas B. 1810

McLEADE, James 1810 or 16

MOODY, Robert 1838

MOORE, James 1825

PAGE, William 1827

PARLAND, John 1836

PILES, Mary 1850

REED, George A. 1852

RUSSELL, John  1814

SCOTT, Mary 1847

SCOTT, William 1850

STAFFORD, Robert  1864

TISON, Job 1824-1858

TROUP, James M. 1849-1856

WILSON, Leighton 1827

WYLLY, Alexander Campbell 1834


The following Glynn Co. slave records were extracted from various sources located in the Glynn Co. Court House; some from estate records, deeds, indentures; McIntosh, Wayne, and Camden Counties; newspaper articles. I have not searched through every available source, these are extracted from records I have in my possession. As I do lookups for people, I extract any and all slave information. If you would like me to lookup a family that you believe owned slaves that you have descended from, feel free to email me with a request.

Most of the items found here were taken from the loose papers in the probate court of Glynn County.  Today [April 2005] you can no longer handle these documents without a clerk to help you.  Many of these loose papers were recorded in the various Appraisal & Inventories books still found in the probate court offices.

Records taken from estate papers are by no means a complete accounting of slaves owned by a family.  If you know your history, you will know that there could have been many sold before the slave owners' death.  When checking estates, be sure to check the complete file.  Many have slave lists in the inventories, but some slaves were listed in the actual will, that may not have made the lists.  Also, the accounts of the slave owner may reveal sales and purchases.

And, of course, ALWAYS check the original documents, do not take my transcriptions as the one and only lists.

Some estates only listed a few slaves, I have created a page of Various Records (right column) to combine these listings in one document to save server space.  Many of the folks listed to the left have wills transcribed on this site mentioning slaves, and what was to be done with them, sometimes it helps to read these records in their original context so be sure to view the original will.

Be sure to look at the newspaper sections on this site, as many early papers had runaway slave ads, sales, and more articles of interest.

This page is a work in progress page, that may never be finished.  Any additions are greatly appreciated.  I would like to include any family stories passed down, or personal accounts of your family's heritage that you would like to share or links to helpful websites or research repositories.



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Various Records
From Glynn County Estate Records

Savannah Slave Manifests
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Original Source Documents

Glynn County Wills

Newspaper Articles

Slave Law Timeline
by Tara Fields






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