Glynn Academy Class of 1941 Photo; Glynn Co., Georgia

Glynn Academy Class of 1941

Photo and news articles were donated by Elizabeth Albright Zilinskas, for use on the Website!

Commencement Exercises to be Held at Memorial Auditorium

          Ninety-five boys and girls, who today completed their high school careers, will tonight receive their diplomas at interesting commencement exercises to be held at Glynn Academy, which will be attended by an audience that is expected to tax the capacity of the auditorium.
          Tonight's program will be the last of the commencement exercises, following those held last night by students of Prep High School, at which 171 young students received their certificates, entitling them to enter high school.  The program carried out at the exercises was an unusually interesting one, and was presented to an overflow audience.
          Following a custom adopted at the local high school several years ago, all speakers on the program tonight will be member of the senior class, honor students.  The class will be presented for graduation by Sidney Boswell, acting superintendent of schools, and the diplomas will be presented by A.M. Harris, a member of the Glynn County Board of education.
          Awards will be made in various contests, sponsored each year by the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and three students will be honored for the fine attendance records they have established.  They are Mary Gay, who has been neither absent nor tardy for five years, Frank Dow, who has established such a record for four years, and Frank Easterling for three years.
          The exercises will begin at 8:30 o'clock, the program being as follows:
          Processional, "Grand Processional at Avignon"--(Cooke).
          "I Love Life"--(Manna Zucca)--Class.
          Invocation, the Rev. J. Sullivan Bond, Jr.
          "American Defense"--Thomas Harrison.
          "What Shall We Defend"--Earl Walker.
          "Serenade"--(Schubert)--Girls of the class.
          "The Citizen and Defense"--Agnes Champion.
          "Education in Defense"--Geraldine Lewis.
          "We Also Serve"--Barbara Jory.
          "Alma Mater"--Class and audience.
          Presentation of class, Sidney Boswell, acting superintendent of schools.
          Delivery of diplomas, Myddleton Harris, member of the Board of Education.
          "A Song of Peace"--("Finlandia") -- (Sibelius) -- Class.

Top Row left to right:

Hoyt William Brown, Jr.
Mitchell Harrison McGraw
William Hunter Morgan
Walter Thomas Browher, Jr.
Jack Morrison Cravey
Hugh Gilbert Dent
George Clarence Kent
Donald Westly Kilgo
William Braddock Bourne, Jr.
Myddleton Harris, Jr.
William Roy Benton Jr.
Chandos Lee Hightsmith
Herbert Bernard Strickland
Eugene Alexander Stuckey
Earl Edward Walker, Jr.
Joseph Eugene Slaughter
William Cullen Ammons, Jr.
Frank Churchill Dow
John Trippe Rowland

Three students were not listed on this photo but were of the graduating class:  James Allen Henderson; Edward Blois Parker; and James Branham Whittle
2nd Row from top left to right:

Alfred Harley Spaulding
William Lawson Cofer
Thomas D. Harrison, Jr.
Howard Neal Gilchrist
Robert Ellington Keith
Donald Marquis "Buddy" Davis
Ray Wood McDonald
Robert Goodwin Norton
Reginald Lee Holtzendorff
Charles James McClellan
Knollis Berrie Holmes, Jr.
Wilson L. Wilkes, Jr.
George William Wannamaker III
Lorace W. Deen
Frank O. Easterling

3rd Row from top left to right:

Zada Lawana Manor
Annie Mae Robertson
Frances Lee Foster
Elmina Geraldine Lewis
Betty Nightingale Hughes
Nell Elizabeth Reardon
Geraldine Pittard
Martha Nelson Peddicord
Anne Wooldridge Whittle
Myrtle Louise Davis
Margaret Powelson
Wilma Louise Moore
Winifred Lois Middleton
Carolyn Nell Wolfe
Virginia May Trobaugh
Marianne Mallard Royall
Mary Ann Mayer
Irene Elizabeth Harrison

4th Row from top left to right:

Jayne Chatham
Florence May Belle Moore
Peggy Harper
Elizabeth Jean Brown
Gladys Knight
Arue Elizabeth Crosby
Ruby Inez Crews
Leslie Ann Hansen
Helen Scarlett Blanton
Julia Olivia Winter
Mary Elizabeth Gay
Marjorie Louise Blount
Mary Elizabeth English
Norma Willene Strickland
Dena Branch
Jane Lillian Bowen
Barbara Jory
Barbara B. Gardner
Audrey Murdock

5th (front) row left to right:

Edna Eugenia Fiveash
Matie Louella Latimer
Helen Grace Stephens
Annie Elizabeth Cottingham
Myrtice Josephine Strickland
Bettye O'Neal Rozier
Betty Jeune Wilson
Frances Elizabeth Cofer
Edith Louise Lamb
Merle Cole
Jane Elizabeth Knudsen
Julia Agnes Champion
Elizabeth Elmina Tait
Mariwarde Joines
Doris Ella Arnett
Edith Nadine Robertson
Marie Estelle Joyner
Jo Ann Helen Gillican
Gwendolyn Parker Chance
Alma Juanita Nix
Trent Elizabeth Strickland

Interesting Program Enjoyed at Club Meeting This Afternoon

          Fifty-eight of the sweetest girls ever to compose the graduating class of Glynn Academy were guests of the Kiwanis Club at its meeting this afternoon, and they put on a delightful program for the members.
          Entertaining the girl seniors of the high school has been a custom with the Kiwanians for a number of years, and the meeting is always looked forward to as one of the most delightful of the year.  Today was no exception, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.
          After the young graduates and other guests were welcomed by the president the meeting was turned over to the class.
          Miss Carolyn Wolfe, vice president of the class, made a short talk thanking the Kiwanians for entertaining the girls, and then introduced Miss Eugenia Fiveash, who acted as master of ceremonies, and she handled the program in excellent fashion.
          A solo by Miss Matie Latimer, accompanied by Miss Louise Davis, in which the entire class joined in the chorus, was the first fine number on the program.
          Miss Fiveash then introduced each member of the class, mentioning some charateristic of each, and as she did they stepped up and were given a present.  Each received a pretty compact.
          A trio, composed of Misses Betty Brown, Frances Foster and Ann Whittle rendered a delightufl miscal number.
          Mis Geraldine Pittard then, in a ver fine little talk, told the club it was a real pleasure for the girls to attend the Kiwanis luncheon, and speaking for the class, she said she was certain each member enjoyed it.  The students closed the program with the singing of the Alma Mater.
          Special guests of the club were Miss Jane Macon, Miss May Jo Bunkley and Miss Beulah Lott, members of the faculty.  Other guests included Lieut. L.P. Erdman, Savannah; C.R. Young, Bloomfield, N.J.; Chas. P. Van Gilder and E.S. Messick, commander-elect of the local post of the American Legion.  girl members of the Glynn Academy senior class present were:
          Doris Ella Arnett, Helen Scarlett Blanton, Marjorie Joise Blount, Janie Lillian Bowen, Dena Branch, Betty Jean Browne, Agnes Champion, Gwendolyn Parker Chance, Vera Jayne Chatham, Elizabeth Frances Cofer, Merle Willie Cole, Anne E. Cottingham, Arue Elizabeth Crosby, Louise Myrtle Davis, Betty English, Eugenia Edna Fiveash, Frances Lee Foster, Barbara Gardner, mary Elizabeth Gay, Jo Ann Helen Gillican, Leslie Ann Hansen, Peggy Ruth Harper, Irene Elizabeth Harrison, Betty Nightingale Hughes, Mariwarde Joines, Barbara Jory, Marie Estelle Joyner, Gladys Knight, Jane Elizabeth Knudsen, Edith Louise Lamb, Matie Louella Latimer, Geralding Lewis, Zada Lawana Manor, Mary Ann Mayer, Winifred Lois Middleton, Florence Mabel Moore, Wilma Louise Moore, Audrey Murdock, Juanita Alma Nix, Martha Peddicord, Geraldine Pittard, Margaret Powelson, Nell Elizabeth Rearden, Edith Nadine Robertson, Annie MAe Robertson, Marianne Royall, Bettye Oneal Rozier, Helen Grace Stephens, Myrtice Strickland, Norma Strickland, Trent Strickland, Elizabeth Elmina Tait, Virginia Mae Trobaugh, Bettye Jeune Wilson, Julia Olivia Winter, Carolyn Wolfe, Anne Whittle, Ruby Inez Crews.



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