The Sunbonnet Girl 10 April 1931 by Glynn Academy, Glynn Co., Georgia

The Sunbonnet Girl

A Comic Operetta
In Two Acts

Presented by
Glynn Academy
Willis Music Company
10 April 1931
Benefit Athletic Fund



Dance Miss Honeycutt
Costumes Miss Bowers
Make-up Miss Mary Williams
Dramatic Miss Long
Music Miss Daniel
Publicity Mr. Curry


Cast of Characters:

Miranda, Hiram & Mrs. Meadow's daughter Beulah Pittman
Mrs. Meadows, President local music club Alberta Kinstle
Luella Lumpton, a village maiden Myrtle Glover
Hiram Meadows, a kindly farmer Linwood Dart
Evalina, Abijah & Mrs. Scroggs' daughter Eleanor Stiles
Rueben McSpavin, the constable's son Osbourne Robertson
Ezra McSpavin, the village constable Isadore Altman
Mrs. Coleman, a wealthy patron of music Carita Berry
Bob Coleman, her son Milton Langford
Barbara Coleman, her daughter Willie Cunningham
Jerry Jackson, Bob's chum Charles Kirkland
Susan Clifton, the Sunbonnet Girl Lucile Johns
Mrs. Scroggs, Abijah Scroggs' better half Isla Livingston
Abijah Scroggs, Sunbonnet Girl's guardian Ed Bunkley
Sadie Simpkins, another village maiden Alma Sessions



Leonel Lambright P.B. Moon
Edith Jean Burgay Henry Cates
Genevieve Kovatch Henry Jackson
Ruth Pafford Frank Buckerstaff
Martelle Griffin Harry Walters
Mary Yates Emory Shelfer
Claire Hotch Al Lindsey
Gladys Coleman Ross Edwards
Margaret Kaufman George Tharen
Rose Mary Brown Harris Mills
Jeanetter Latham Charles Brown
Myrtle Greer Jimmie Paulk
Ellen Farrell Buster Hunter
Toby Palmer  


[Note:  Page 3 has the acts and scenes, but no genealogical information]


Dancers from Glynn Grammer "A Day in June"

Eleanor Rees James Gould
Henry Jennings Elizabeth Olsen
Betty Grossman Paul Whittle
Bobby Simms Emily Jerger
Mary Stevenson William Townsend
James Deaver Clare Holms
Grace Stephens Marcus Glover
John Ray Jocilyn Hendrix
Mary Neil Rogers Alfred Spaulding

"A Garden of Old Fashioned Flowers"

Solo:        Elsie Bacon


Lorena Christian Eva Youngner
Louise Christian Willa Mae Tuten
Betty Morton Helen Philips
Julia McPherson Mary Oates
Margaret McPherson Helen Whittle

The Virginia Reel

Alice McDonald Cleo Smith
Dorothy Moore Janice Leavy
Annie L. Trunnell May Fiveash
Mary Perry Ruth Jessop
Idella Dozier Pearl Kammerer
Loraine Perry Bunny Parker
Maxine Pickren Robie Lee Wade
Mary North Nina Fowler
Bertie Gray Mada McDonald
Mildred Allen Ann Royal
Ruby Henderson Margaret Carroll
Mary Bunkley Madeline Thomas
Edna Davis Sara L. Abbott




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