1930 The Premiere Presentation of the Glynn Academy Dramatic Club Glynn Co., Georgia

The Premiere Presentation
of the
Glynn Academy
Dramatic Club

Tuesday Evening
March Fourth


The Dramatic Club presents:

"It Pays to Advertise"

A farce comedy in three acts.

written by
Roi Cooper Meagrue and Walter Hackett

Staged under direction of
J.N. Peacock, Jr.

Produced locally by special arrangement with
Samuel French, New York



The characters appear in the order in which they are named.

Mary Grayson Madelein Morton
Johnson Herbert Readdick
Comtesse DeBeaurien Anne Owens
Rodney Martin Lewis Simms
Cyrus Martin Larry Sweat
Ambrose Peale Haxall Latimer
Marie Thelma Dial
William Smith Harry O'Brien
David McChesney W.P. Baldwin
Miss Burke Betty Ploeger
Ellery Clarke Milton Langford
George Bronson Fred Aldrich
Business Manager Tom O'Brien
Electrician John Dyal


The living room of Cyrus Martin's home in New York. 
It is ten o'clock in the evening, early in March.

[Door frames donated by Lang Planing Mill. 
Chandelier loaned by Glynn Electric Company.]


The private office of the 13 Soap Co., one month after
first Act, about ten o'clock in the morning.

[Cosmetics furnished by Glynn Pharmacy. 
Furniture loaned by Vickers-Mann Furniture Co.]


Same as Act I, six thirty in the afternoon, late in May.

[Young Ladies Shoes by Novelty Shoe Shop "They Fit The Feet."]




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