Graduation Exercises Glynn Academy 7 June 1923 Glynn Co., Georgia

Class Day Exercises
of the
Senior Class
Glynn Academy

Thursday 7 June 1923, 8 P.M.
The Grand



Opening Chorus-----Senior Class

Play, "The Merchant of Venice Up to Date"
Directed by-----Miss Betty S. Rucker

Duke of Venice Hugh Aiken
Antonio, Captain of Venetian Football Team Wayne Jones
Bassanio, his friend and suitor to Portia Frank Vogel
Gratiano, another friend Ralph Smith
Shylock, a noted gambler John Thomas
Launcelot Gobbo, servant to Shylock Jacob Wengrow
Tubal, Captain of the Belmont Football Team G.T. Holody
Policeman Albert Fendig, Jr.
Prof. Sweigenhaugenblumenheimer, an X-ray expert Robson Travis
Football Boys                                           Seniors Harry Arnold
  Preston Brown
  Willard Fishburne
  Herman Gay
  George Gowen
  Edgar Ratcliffe
                                                                 Juniors Howard Leavy
  Robert Levison
  Lee Krauss
Portia, a rich heiress Laura Gignilliat
Nerissa, her friend Ethel Davis
Jessica, an heiress and ward of Shylock Annie Smith
Miss Abbie Threedice, a teacher Frances Amos
Polly, maid to Portia Elsbeth Busk
Mrs. Gobbo, mother of Launcelot Gobbo Alice Lunceford
Mother of Antonio Geneva Hendley

[Note:  A closing chorus of the Alma Mater was sung by the Senior Class
and was accompanied by Norma Walker.]


Senior Class Roll:

Hugh Aiken George Gowen
Frances Amos Geneva Hendley
Harry Arnold Pauline Hodges
Margaret Ballard G.T. Holody
Preston Brown Wayne Jones
Elsbeth Busk Alice Lunceford
Annie Crofton Edgar Ratcliffe
Ethel Davis Annie Smith
Albert Fendig, Jr. Ralph Smith
Willard Fishburne John Thomas
Herman Gay Robson Travis
Laura Gignilliat Frank Vogel

Jacob Wengrow




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