Graduation Exercises Glynn Academy 6 June 1916 Glynn Co., Georgia

Graduation Exercises
Glynn Academy
6 June 1916

Grand Opera House
8:30 P.M.


Opening Chorus "The Sunrise Call"--Loomis  
Invocation Rev. C.E. Weltner
Salutatatory Louie Stephens
Piano Solo "Cujus Animam" from "Stabat Mater"--W. Kuhe Bertha Ames
Recitation "Constance de Beverly" from Sir Walter Scott's "Marmion" Anna May Johnson
Class History Mary King Hilsman
Piano Duet Overture from "Poet and Peasant"--von Suppe Alice Harrison and Miss Symons
Declamation "Davis and Lee"--Benjamin H. Hill Harry Parker
Spanish Chorus "Choza y Palazio" Perillan  
Class Will Olivia Russell
Piano Solo "Mazurka de Concert"--Pessard Ethel Flinn
Recitation "Lasca"--Depriz Janie Will Miller
Vocal Duet "If I Knew"--Rudolph Kruger Caroline Way and Bertha Ames
Class Prophecy "1930" Margaret McGarvey
Chorus "Faith in the Future"--Marion Lord  
Valedictory Eugenia Harris
Presentation of Diplomas  
Chorus "Merry June"--Charles Vincent  


Class Officers:

President Ray Wood
Vice-President Clarice Asbell
Secretary Treasurer Mary King Hilsman


Class Colors:
Pink & White


Class Flower:
Pink Rose


Class Motto:
"Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge the wings wherewith
we fly to Heaven."


Class Roll:

Bertha Lou Ames Anna May Johnson
Clarice Gilmore Asbell Margaret Ann MacGarvey
Lila Almeda Burford Ann Page Maxey
Ethel Mae Flinn Janie Wilhelmena Miller
Lela Inez Googe Harry DuBignon Parker
Louise Eugenia Harris Frances Olivia Russell
Alice MacDonald Harrison Louise Morton Stephens
Mary King Hilsman Caroline Way

Ray Gordon Woods




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