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This page is here to help you find the help you need in understanding some of the records that you may have found in your research, or to help you find some records in your online research.  Most of this is comprised of genealogy articles from other sources.

Here also, are links to some online tools in aiding your research, like birthday calculators [to tabulate birth dates from ages on tombstones], finding volunteer researchers around the world, genealogy research articles, and just HELP! in general.

And, don't hesitate to ask me for help either.  I'm not just here for Glynn County help, I can help with genealogy and research questions too!


Learn at

Rootsweb Guide to Tracing your Family Tree
Genealogy Learning Center
Blank Census Forms
A Guide to Using the Social Sec. Death Index Birthday Calculator
Tips on Writing a Biography
Obsolete Occupations
County & Town Resources [What's Available]
Soundex Converter
Finding a Marriage Date
Inflation Calculators

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Locating a Spouse's Name
AltaVista Word Translate
Translate Text and whole web pages from one language to another!
Immigrants Who Returned Home
Perpetual Calendar
Get the day of the week for any date!
Family Tree DNA
Find those missing links, and learn how DNA and Genealogy work!
Rootsweb's Town Search
Find a town or county!
Books We Own
People around the world willing to do lookups for free!
Time Capsule
Find out what happened today in history!
Rootsweb Review Archives
Genealogical Newsletter FREE!
History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy
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