Marine News from the Darien Gazette 1818-1828 McIntosh Co., Georgia

Darien Gazette Marine News
Extracted from the newspaper during years 1818-1828

2 November 1818

Schooner Magnet, Capt. Gray, 15 days from New York with full cargo of groceries & dried goods to James H. Giekie; Hall, Cook & Co.; H. Harfo [torn]; Thomas Spaulding; and William Carnochan.

Passengers: Messrs. McGregor, Schofield, Sellick, Gardner, Mallard, and Geitch.

Schooner Bright Phoebus, Capt. Smith, New York 13 days with assorted cargo to Baker & Welman.

Sloop Paulina Julia, Capt. Field, New York 8 days with merchandise to A. Kimberly.

Passengers: Mr. B. Smith and family, Messrs. Kimberly, Gennis, Clark, Strong [torn], Damery, Ferguson, C. Smith, W. Smith, J. Smith, J. [torn] Wolfe, E. Fosdick, R.B. Fosdick, Wing, Mercer, Porter, and W. Demill.

Sloop Linnet, Capt. Bowman, New York 13 days with lumber to Hall, Cook & Co. On the 24th ult. spoke the brig Venus, of Rhode Island bound to Havana with the loss of both masts. On the 26th the L. made Sapelo bar and spoke the Revenue Cutter, captain Jackson in seven fathoms water.

Sloop Independence, Capt. Paine, Savannah 3 days with dry goods, navy bread and beef to Hart & Co.

Sloop Union, Capt. Salowitch, Savannah 7 days with assorted cargo to C. Champaigne.

Sloop Return, Capt. Shaw, from the islands with shells.

Sloop Sparrow, Capt. Treat was to sail from New York on the 25th ult. for this port

DARIEN AND ST. MARY'S PACKET--The fast sailing boat Lady Wardle will leave Darien every Monday, with the tide, for St. Mary's, whence she will depart every Wednesday.
     The Lady Wardle has a comfortable cabin, and [torn] well known as one of the swiftest boats in this country [torn]. Apply at the Bar of Mr. Wm. B. Holzendorf's Tavern.

FOR NEW YORK--The new fast sailing schooner Magnet, captain Gray, will sail for the above port on Thursday next, 5th November. Fo [torn] freight or passenger, [only] on board, or to [torn]. James H. Giekie [torn]

ERRATUM--In our last paper, we stated that no lives had been lost on board the Macedonian during the late disastrous gale which forced her to put into Norfolk. This was incorrect. "In the early part of it, William Wilkins, captain of the mizen top, an excellent seaman and a worthy young man, was unfortunately knocked overboard by the mizen stay sail sheet, and drowned. This was the only casualty that occurred among the crew." The Macedonian had sailed from Boston on the 10th of September, bound for the Pacific ocean, and completely equipped for a two years' cruise.


9 November 1818

Sloop Howard & James, Capt. Lishness, Savannah [torn] with assorted cargo to J.B. Mills [torn] Champagne & Co., B. King & Co., William Carnochan [torn] Hart & Co., Ralph Canter, J.H. Couper, R. De [torn] H. McIntosh, and McIntyre & Millen.

Sloop Bright Phoebus, Capt. Ketchum, Savannah 4 days with an assorted cargo to George F. Wing & Co. [torn] B. Holzendorf, and Baker & Wellman.

Sloop Sally Jasper, Capt. Sayres, Savannah 3 days with assorted cargo to Hart & Co. and [torn].


16 November 1818

Schooner Paragon, Capt. Brown, New York 12 days with groceries and furniture to Sawyer & Herring.

Schooner Harmony, Capt. Barnet, New York 15 days with an assorted cargo to Baker & Welman and Anson Kimberly.

Schooner Bright Phoebus, Capt. Smith, Savannah 2 days with an assorted cargo to Baker & Welman.

Passengers: Messrs. Chipman, Hinckley, Crocker, Wright and Hinckley.

Schooner Tom Bull, Capt. Philips, Savannah 6 days with sugar, paper and apples to Baker & Welman

Passengers: White and Osgood.

Sloop Rosetta, Capt. Hathaway, Freetown, (Mass.) 17 days with bricks, potatoes, cranberries, &c. to Wm. & John Nichols and the captain. Nineteen mechanics are passengers.

Sloop James, Capt. Vincent, Charleston 3 days with assorted cargo to I. Sasportas and John G. Bell.

Sloop Teazer, Capt. Ross, St. Mary's 1 day.

Passengers: Dr. Grosvenor and Mr. House.

Sloop Gold Hunter, Capt. Stotesbury, Savannah 5 days to Baker & Welman.

Sloop Maria, Capt. Porquet, Savannah 6 days with assorted cargo to B. King & Co.


23 November 1818

Schooner Sally Jasper, Capt. Sayers, with shells from the islands.

Schooner Cheves, Capt. Benett, New York 8 days with dry goods, furniture and corn to Anson Kimberly.

Sloop Telegraph, Capt. Graves, Charleston 1 day with groceries, dry goods and corn to I. Sasportas.

Sloop Elizabeth, Capt. Green, St. Simons with coppered buoy for Doboy bar.

Sloop Bright Phoebus, Capt. Ketchum, Savannah 50 hours inland with assorted cargo to Champagne, Sibbald, B. King & Co., Reuben King, and the master--eighteen passengers.

Schooner Paragon, Capt. Ventress, Savannah 3 days with dry goods and corn to J.H. Giekie & Co. and William Carnochan.

Sloop Sparrow, Capt. Treat, New York 8 days with an assorted cargo to sundry persons.

Port of Norfolk, November 3--Arrived, brig John Phillips, from New York for Charleston and Darien. On the 27th ult. she experienced a severe gale, which continued until the 29th, when it was discovered she had sprung a lead, and was making two feet water an hour--steered for this port, where she arrived yesterday morning.


30 November 1818

Brig Intelligence, Capt. Wilson, 65 days from Liverpool with full cargo of dry goods to Hall, Cooke & Co.

Passengers: Mr. and Mrs. Young and two children and Miss Gregg. The Intelligence was off Doboy in 7 fathoms of water on Sunday, the 15th instant, but owing to thick weather could not come in. On Thursday the 19th, of Cumberland island, saw the wreck of a pilot boat schooner, mast head out of water, had a small main-topmast with the remnant of a white flag flying [torn] Off Little St. Simons, saw a brig at anchor in [torn] water.

Schooner Laurel, Capt. Stevens, Portland [torn] beef, bricks, boards, &c. to [torn]

Schooner Betsey & Eliza, Capt. Howes, New York [torn] with assorted cargo to Charles D. Maltbie, [torn] Merrill on board. A few days ago, off [torn] bar, fell in with the wreck of a small sloop [torn] tons burthen, apparently a pilot-boat.

Schooner Antelope, St. Mary's 3 days [torn]

Sloop Atlantic, Capt. Woodward, New York [torn] with assorted cargo to Dr. Grant, who to [torn] family came passenger, and [torn] the 21st inst. during a gale, the mate, [torn] ward, was knocked overboard while [torn]

Sloop Bridgeport, Capt. Woodward, New [York] [torn] with an assorted cargo to Sawyer & [torn]

Passengers: Messrs. Johnson and Co [torn]

Sloop Independence, Capt. Payne, Savannah [torn] with an assorted cargo to J. Depass & [torn] and the captain.

Ocmulgee boat Eliza, from captain Golight [torn] yard, Telfair county 8 days to Sawyer & Herring [torn]

Brig Orleans, Capt. Smith, cleared out at Boston the 9th instant for Darien.


21 December 1818

Schooner Ant, Capt. Spring, Saco, (Maine) 25 days with lumber to the master.

Schooner Freetown, Capt. Fuller, Savannah 10 days with printing paper to Hall, Cooke & Co.

Sloop Nancy & Maria, Capt. Swain, New York 8 days with an assorted cargo to B. King & Co.

Sloop Paulina Julia, Capt. Ainsley, New York 7 days with an assorted cargo to Anson Kimberly.

Passengers: Messrs. Stewart, Shanigan, Weiks, Acker and Cobb.

Sloop Bright Phoebus, Capt. Ketchum, Savannah 4 days with assorted cargo to the master.

Boat Eagle, Capt. Southwell, Fort James 4 days with shingles to Charles Dewitt.


28 December 1818

British Ship Lord Wellington, Capt. Mitchell, Liverpool with salt, hardware, dry goods, castings, porter and potatoes to J.H. Giekie & Co., B. King & Co., Thomas Spalding and Robert Grant.

Schooner Rebecca, Capt. Johnson, Portland (Maine) 20 days.

Schooner Leander, Capt. Barlow, New York via Savannah 10 days with salt, groceries and furniture to Sawyer & Herring.


4 January 1819

Brig Forest, Capt. Goodrich, Connecticut river 10 days with an assorted cargo to Anson Kimberly.

Schooner Antelope, Capt. Drinkwater, New York 11 days with an assorted cargo to Anson Kimberly and Sawyer & Herring.

Schooner Patty & Sally, Capt. Norris, New York 25 days with an assorted cargo to Hall, Cooke & Co. She made Doboy bar with head winds in 12 days but has had her passage prolonged to 25 by being four time blown off.

Schooner Fire Fly, Capt. Allen, St. Mary's 2 days with passengers.

Sloop Washington, Capt. Mason, Savannah 3 days with an assorted cargo to Gaudry, Champayne, John G. Bell and Baker & Wellman.

Sloop Teazer, Capt. Mitchell, St. Mary's 4 days with passengers.

A flat, with cotton, from Tattnall county, to colonel Blackman, owner.


11 January 1819

Schooner Only Son, Capt. Elbridge, Falmouth (Mass.) 17 days with iron and lime to Yonge, Richardson & Co.

Schooner Sea Horse, Capt. Coolridge, Charleston 3 days with bricks, chairs and fish to order.

Schooner New Orleans, Capt. Adams, Charleston 4 days with an assorted cargo to Sawyer & Herring.

Sloop Return, Capt. Fitzpatrick with shells from the islands.

NOTICE--All persons are cautioned against trusting the crew of the British ship LORD WELLINGTON, as neither the captain nor the undersigned will be responsible for any debts of their contracting. J.H. Giekie & Co.

FOR CHARLESTON--The sch. NEW ORLEANS, S.H. Adams, master, will positively sail tomorrow, with whatever freight may offer, and has good accommodations for passengers.



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