The Brunswick Advocate 1837 Marine Intelligence, Glynn Co., Georgia

The Brunswick Advocate
1837 Marine Intelligence & Shipping News

Names that are in bold, are to depict a captain of the sailing vessel.  This is only an assumption, due to my recognition of some names. 


9 November 1837

Brig Levant, Caldwell, Boston, 12 days, lumber and mdze. to M.W. Wilson and others.
Brig Spy, Doane, Burnt Fort, lumber to G.W. March.
Schr. Betsey, Marin, Brockenden, Savannah.

Brig Spy, Doane, Jeffersonton.
Schr. Nile, Bell, Charleston.
Schr. Wm. & Henry, McGee, do.
Schr. Betsey & Maria, Brockenden, Jerffersonton.


16 November 1837

Sloop Thomas Butler King, Gray, Newport via New York and Norfolk.  She is intended as a pilot boat for this port.
Sloop America, Burr, Freetown via Savannah, with provisions to the master.
Steamboat New Castle, Wilson, New York for St. Marks, Florida.


Coming soon.


7 December 1837

Sloop Thomas Butler King, Lawrence, Savannah, sundry mdz.

At Savannah 27th, schr. Columbia, Baker, hence.
Ar at do.  30th; ship Macedonia, Minot, Portland.  Dec. 1st barque Tasso, Boston.

Ar at Charleston, 29th, brig Omar, Boston, 22 days.  21st during a severe gale of wind, the Captain was washed from the bowsprit and drowned.  He was assisting to furl the foretop-mast stay sail.

Schr Tiger, up at Boston for this port.


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