Cyrus Dart Revolutionary Patriot Glynn Co., Georgia

Cyrus Dart

The oldest son of Joseph & Abigal (Brainard) Dart of Haddom, Connecticut, was born 11 June 1764.  Joseph was a commissary officer during the Revolution, a captain and a squire, a member of Capt. Comfort Sage's Militia Regiment.

Cyrus joined the Rev. Army and was said to have been a page to Gen. Washington when he occupied New York City.  Being under age, his father took him out of service; however, he seemed to have been determined to fight and ran away from home to joining the army as a private in Capt. Stillwell's Co., 1st Connecticut Regiment.  Cyrus Dart enlisted 1 April 1782 and was discharged 17 April 1783.

After the war, Cyrus returned to school to obtain a medical education, but later had a dispute over money with his father, left home, and settled in Glynn County, possibly at Frederica.  A purchase of two lots in the Old Town of Frederica from Thomas Spalding to Cyrus Dart occurred on 6 August 1792.  Four years later on May 7, Cyrus married Ann Harris, daughter of Lewellin and Ann Harris, natives of St. Simons Island.

Just a couple of weeks later on 1 June 1796, he was commissioned as a surgeon in the Army of the United States and stationed at Coleraine, the border of the Spanish province of Florida.  While stationed here, several of the Dart children were brought into the world.  Erastus, Horace, Urbanus, Ann Maria (married Dr. Dupree), Eliza Ann (married William Henry Payne first, and Schubert Burns second), Alfred, Theodore, and Edgar C.P. Dart (married Ellen Moore).  Horace, Alfred, and Theodore died young.  On 20 January 1802, Cyrus resigned his position and was appointed quarantine officer for the port in Brunswick, he moved back to St. Simons Island to live the rest of his days.

On 29 May 1817, a vessel anchored off of St. Simons, and requested Cyrus' services.  He, his son Urbanus, and a slave rowed out in a small boat to the ship, their boat capsized, sending everyone overboard, only young Urbanus was able to swim ashore.  Cyrus' body was never found.  His wife Ann passed away in 1858, and is buried at Christ Church near her parents.

Erastus Dart, eldest son, went to sea and while on a voyage to England had his portrait painted.  Yet fate would deal another blow to the Dart family, Erastus died upon the return trip.  The portrait was given to his family, where it has been passed down the generations.

Urbanus lived a long and prosperous life.  He was born 29 November 1800 in Coleraine, and died here in Brunswick on 26 February 1883.  He and his wife Eliza Moore (sister of Mrs. E.C.P. Dart) were the parents of 6 sons and 2 daughters, namely:  Horace, Frank, Urbanus, Jacob, William Robert, John, Sarah (married Benjamin Stallings), and Eliza Rebecca (married Wilfred F. Symons).



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