Miscellaneous Marriage License Images Glynn Co., Georgia

Miscellaneous Marriage License Images

The number to click on to view the license has some significance.  Numbers with a capital letter in front of them are for the book and page number.  For example:  E061a would be Book E page 61, the little "a" or "b" after the number means nothing genealogically.  It is just a method to keep from having three certificates with the same name, as in many of the books, there are three marriages recorded per page.

By Groom

ADKINS, W.T. COOK, Miss Mabel 24 December 1905 D126a
ANDERSON, G.F. SOUTHERD, Annie L. 02 July 1905 D118b
ARNETT, H.H. MAY, Miss Lizzie 04 October 1903 D086a
ARNETT, R.R. GEORGE, Della 23 November 1898 D003a
BAKER, Phillip WAY, Julia 05 November 1936 007
BLOUNT, James TURNER, Bertha Elizabeth 29 June 1913 D272a
BLOUNT, Mitchell PRINCE, Gertrude 24 May 1902 D066a
BLOUNT, W.D. JONES, Miss Norman 29 October 1914 E013a
BROOKS, John R. MASSEY, Ilena E. 11 January 1903 D074a
DRURY, L.H. ARNETT, Leola 20 February 1916 E038a
DRYDEN, John W. MORGAN, Miss Annie 23 August 1916 E046b
DUBBERLY, C.D. SMITH, Miss Lillian 08 April 1906 D128a
DUBIGNON, Eddie SMITH, Jennie 24 September 1907 E133a
EDDINGS, J.L. PENDARVIS, Mrs. E.F. 16 July 1899 D015a
ESCOFFIER, DeLaney TOOMEY, Daisy Maie 28 May 1907 D154a
ESSICK, J. Howard MULLALY, Helen I. 11 February 1914 E001a
INGRAM, Ben Hunt BRANHAM, Sarah Clifford 07 September 1914 E012a
KEENE, C.T. SMITH, Miss Maggie 07 September 1906 D138a
KING, Julian Wallace BELYER, Johnnie May 16 July 1913 D273a
KNIGHT, A.S. LANG, Mattie 28 June 1903 D083a
LAMB, J.F. SAXON, Katie Belle 17 August 1919 E164a
LAMB, Junius Beverley SMITH, Harriette Anne 06 October 1943 G055a
MEYER, John H. BROWNING, Corrine 09 July 1918 E112a
MITCHELL, Griffin WAY, Lillie 03 August 1916 009
NOEGEL, Frederick J. TANKERSLEY, Helen 09 September 1940 F331a
PENNICK, H.A. AMOS, Miss Donna C. 18 December 1902 D077a
PENNICK, Henry Allen AMOS, Miss Matilda 16 April 1900 D025a
QUARLES, James DRAKE, Mrs. R.L. 22 June 1908 D175a
TANKERSLEY, J.B. BROWNING, Annie Mae 17 April 1917 E061a
WEAVER, W.E. JONES, Miss Frances 23 August 1916 E046a
WEBB, W.S. HORAN, Agnes Rosemond 21 January 1914 D287a
WESLEY, J.W. GARY, Clara 18 January 1903 D190a
WESTBERRY, C.D. CROSBY, Martha 27 April 1912 D244a
WILLIAMSON, A.L. ROBERSON, Miss L.M. 23 July 1906 D135a
WILSON, Hugh A. YANCEY, Pattie F. 27 October 1909 D199a
WRENCH, Thomas Walter WHEELER, Mary Lou 29 June 1905 D118a


By Bride

AMOS, Miss Donna C. PENNICK, H.A. 18 December 1902 D077a
AMOS, Miss Matilda PENNICK, Henry Allen 16 April 1900 D025a
ARNETT, Leola DURY, L.H. 20 February 1916 E038a
BELYER, Johnnie May KING, Julian Wallace 16 July 1913 D273a
BRANHAM, Sarah Clifford INGRAM, Ben Hunt 07 September 1914 E012a
BROWNING, Annie Mae TANKERSLEY, J.B. 17 April 1917 E061a
BROWNING, Corrine MEYER, John H. 09 July 1918 E112a
COOK, Miss Mabel ADKINS, W.T. 24 December 1905 D126a
CROSBY, Martha WESTBERRY, C.D. 27 April 1912 D244a
DRAKE, Mrs. R.L. QUARLES, James 22 June 1908 D175a
GARY, Clara WESLEY, J.W. 18 January 1903 D190a
GEORGE, Della ARNETT, R.R. 23 November 1898 D003a
HORAN, Agnes Rosemond WEBB, W.S. 21 January 1914 D287a
JONES, Miss Frances WEAVER, W.E. 23 August 1916 E046a
JONES, Miss Norman BLOUNT, W.D. 29 October 1914 E013a
LANG, Mattie KNIGHT, A.S. 28 June 1903 D083a
MASSEY, Ilena E. BROOKS, John R. 11 January 1903 D074a
MAY, Miss Lizzie ARNETT, H.H. 04 October 1903 D086a
MORGAN, Miss Annie DRYDEN, John W. 23 August 1916 E046b
MULLALY, Helen I. ESSICK, J. Howard 11 February 1914 E001a
PENDARVIS, Mrs. E.F. EDDINGS, J.L. 16 July 1899 D015a
PRINCE, Gertrude BLOUNT, Mitchell 24 May 1902 D066a
ROBERSON, Miss L.M. WILLIAMSON, A.L. 23 July 1906 D135a
SAXON, Katie Belle LAMB, J.F. 17 August 1919 E164a
SMITH, Harriette Anne LAMB, Junius Beverley 06 October 1943 G055a
SMITH, Jennie DUBIGNON, Eddie 24 September 1907 E133a
SMITH, Miss Lillian DUBBERLY, C.D. 08 April 1906 D128a
SMITH, Miss Maggie KEENE, C.T. 07 September 1906 D138a
SOUTHERD, Annie L. ANDERSON, G.F. 02 July 1905 D118b
TANKERSLEY, Helen NOEGEL, Frederick J. 09 September 1940 F331a
TOOMEY, Daisy Maie ESCOFFIER, DeLaney 28 May 1907 D154a
TURNER, Bertha Elizabeth BLOUNT, James 29 June 1913 D272a
WAY, Julia BAKER, Phillip 05 November 1936 007
WAY, Lillie MITCHELL, Griffin 03 August 1916 009
WHEELER, Mary Lou WRENCH, Thomas Walter 29 June 1905 D118a
YANCEY, Pattie F. WILSON, Hugh A. 27 October 1909 D199a




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