Columbus, Muscogee Co., Georgia Family Photo Album

Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia Family Photo Album

A hobby of mine is to visit our local antique stores in search of the past. Sometimes I find some really neat items, more often than not, my trips are a bust. However, my trip to a Darien, McIntosh County, Georgia antique store landed a great find. A  photo album with the photos still inside. How often does that happen?

Although not all of the photos are identified with names, it can be assumed that they are related in some fashion. The photo album is in very bad shape, and so are a few of the photos. There were 4 tintypes, one severely damaged, the others well on their way to ruin.

For preservation purposes, I have taken the photos out of the album, numbered them according to their position in the book. Five photos are named with a letter as they were just stacked in the back of the album. One of the images is of an album page with writing that is illegible to me, but may correspond with one of the loose photos. If you can make out the handwriting, please let me know.

My intentions were to preserve these photos from further ruin, and maybe reuniting them with a descendant. Most of these photographs were taken by D.W. Van Riper in Columbus, Georgia. According to the 1880 census, he was living in Coweta County, Georgia with his wife Mary [55], sons William W. [32], George M. [25], and Charles E. [22]. His occupation is artist, and the whole family was from New York.



This is Andrew Douglas, photo taken in Columbus, Muscogee Co., Georgia.  The photographer was G.T. Williams of 81 Broad Street, upstairs.


Small child standing on a boulder, next to a wooden fence structure.  The photo was taken by Van Riper of Columbus, Georgia.


Older gentleman, possibly 50-60 years old [more or less].  Photo taken by Van Riper of Columbus, Georgia.

Written on the back of this photo is "Aunt Lucy", it is a photo of an infant, and also on the back is the photographer's logo:  "Artistic Photography, S.M. FASSETT. 114 South Clark St. CHICAGO, Ills."  A couple of other photos were addressed to Aunt Lucy, so it is unknown if this is a picture of her, or merely another one addressed to her.


"Raphael" was written on the album page, and on this photo.  I do not know whether this is an actual family member, or merely a "filler photo", like you would find in a picture frame or wallet when you buy one.


The worst tintype in the group.  Photo is of an infant in a dressing gown, propped in a chair.

Walter C. Wilson is pictured to your left, and according to the writing on the back of the photo he was 18 months old by 27 January 1881.  The photo was taken in Atlanta, Georgia, by Kullins of Whitehall Street, and in the 1880 census you will find young Walter with his parents and grandparents.  According to this census his father was John C. Wilson, mother was May C. Wilson, and his grandparents were Steinbeck & Mattie E. Wilson.  An uncle was also living there, Arthur Wilson.  They were all living on South Pryor in Fulton County, Georgia.


Photo of a young girl, with a very sour expression, clearly wasn't happy about having her photo taken.  From all appearances she may be just a toddler, no more than 3 years old.  This photograph was taken in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois by A. Hesler of 113 Lake Street.



Young man photographed by Moore & Co. of 81 Broad Street, Columbus, Georgia.



Gentleman of about 20-30 years old.  Photo taken by D.W. Van Riper of Columbus, Georgia.

Leona F. Hackney written on the front, photo taken by A.T. Walker of Greenville Street in Newman, Georgia.  She can be found in the 1880 Coweta Co., Georgia census with her father Rhod, mother Hattie D., and a sister Annie D.  Next door to them is another Hackney family, quite possibly her grandmother.  Leona was 12 years old in this census, and from looking at the photo she may be just a little younger than that, possibly 5 to 8 years of age, placing this photo in the 1873-1876 range.



Gentleman of about 30-40 years of age.  Photo taken by D.W. Van Riper of Columbus, Georgia.

On the back was written:  Mrs. T.S. Smith 2747 Second Ave. Columbus, Ga.

A.A. Bush
Hair--Dark brown
Eyes Medium blue
Complexion wood sand color w/hair
Coat, Tie & collar just as it is.

"With love to Aunt Lucy from Frances M. Allen taken at the age of 4 mos."  Photo was taken by H. Rocher of Chicago.  A look at the 1880 Cook County, Illinois census finds a 9 year old Frances Allen living with parents, Robert [47] & Abbie [35].  Four other siblings are Mary [11], Abbie [7], Lilly [3], and Edward [5/12].


Gentleman about 30-40 years of age.  Photo taken by S.M. Fassett of 122 & 124 Clark St., Chicago, Illinois.

This is a scan of one of the album pages that had writing on it, but is illegible by me.  One of the lettered photos below may have belonged in this page.

Gentleman of about 30-40 years of age.  This is just a slip of paper, the backing has fallen off, an extra backing was found in the album, but I am not sure if it belongs to this photo.  The photographer on the backing was Moore & Co. of Columbus, Georgia.  Looking closely at this photo, you will notice that this gentleman is holding a book.  That book is identical to the photo album these photos came out of.


Tintype of a gentleman about 30-40 years of age.  The photo is starting to crumble off.


Young man about 20-30 years of age, strongly resembles the man shown below.


Photo taken by Van Riper of Columbus, Georgia.  This gentleman strong resembles the fellow pictured above.


Do not believe that this is a family member, quite possibly it's a "filler photo" like you would find upon purchasing a wallet or picture frame.


Tintype of young man, probably about 16-25 years of age.  Photo is starting to crumble off of the tin.


Tintype of a baby, photo is starting to crumble off.  On the back is written "For Auntie Lucy August 9, 1869 Ten months old.


Photo was taken by Berlins, Benj. Irish & Co. of Bridgeport, Connecticut.  This woman strongly resembles the photo above that was inscribed to Aunt Lucy of Frances Allen, could she be Abbie Allen, the mother?


Young man of about 20-30 years, photographed by G.T. Williams of 81 Broad Street, upstairs, Columbus, Georgia.


Written on the album page was Thomas Douglass, no more information known.


A.  Photographer Van Riper of Columbus, Georgia.  I have lettered this photo because it was found stacked in the back with the rest of the photos below.


B.  Photo of gentleman propped against a window sill, taken by Van Riper of Columbus, Georgia.



C.  Photo of a toddler.


D.  Photo taken by Van Riper of Columbus, Georgia.  On the back was written "Dr. Skinner of Columbus, Georgia."



E.  Do you know what this contraption is?  Photographed by Van Riper of Columbus, Georgia.






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