3 Wright Square - Brunswick, Glynn Co., Georgia; by June

3 Wright Square
by June (Lott) Nevar

23 January 1867 -- John duBignon gave his sister Catherine Amelia (duBignon) Hazlehurst the western one half of Old town Lot number 335.  Glynn County Academy still owned the eastern half.

15 March 1871 -- Glynn County Academy sold one half of Old Town Lot number 335 to Robert Hazlehurst Sr. for $25.00.  There was no dwelling listed on the deed.  In 1890, the Brunswick City Directory list Dr. Robert Hazlehurst as living on the property.  This is the earliest record of a house on the property, but one could have been built earlier.

1 October 1891 -- Robert Hazlehurst Sr. sold the entire block of property of 3 Wright Square to his son, Robert Hazlehurst Jr., for $5000.00.  Dr. Hazlehurst Sr. moved to Memphis, Tennessee.
        I could not find any deed listing the sale or transfer of the property between Catherine duBignon Hazlehurst, who had owned the western half, and Robert Hazlehurst Sr.
        The property was bound on the east side by Norwich Street, west side by Egmont Street, north side by Howe Street, and on the south by Wright Square Drive North.  The northern half was divided into two properties.  Each lot measured 90 feet wide by 180 feet deep.  The southern half, Wright Square Park, was bound by George Street on the south.

12 September 1895 -- Dr. Robert Hazlehurst Jr. sold 3 Wright Square to Mrs. Carrie L. (Scarlett) Verdery for $2200.00.  He later moved to Memphis, Tenn.

13 October 1900 -- Mrs. Carrie L. Verdery sold Old Town Lot 335 (3 Wright Square) to Mr. Nathan Emanuel for $7500.00. 

15 January 1929 -- Nathan Emanuel sold 3 Wright Square to his wife Daisy (McIntosh) Emanuel. The deed states, “That the first party for and in consideration of love and affection which he has for and bears to the second party, his wife, hereby grants, bargains, sells…” There is no price on the deed. 
        In 1930 Mr. Emanuel was Mayor of Brunswick and Chairman of the Board of City Commissioners.

9 June 1932 -- Tax Lien was held against Mr. Nathan Emanuel for the State, County, and School Taxes for the year 1931.  Mr. J. E. Register, Marshall of the City of Brunswick, stood on the steps of the Glynn County Court House and sold the northern half of Old Town Lot 335.  The original price of the Lien was $160.23 and with taxes and various fees, the total amount was $177.69. The sale of the northern half was enough to satisfy the Tax Lien of $177.69.  The property was sold to the City of Brunswick.

26 August 1932 -- Tax Lien for State, County, and School Taxes for the year 1931 was issued against Daisy Emanuel, the owner of 3 Wright Square, for $149.50.  For sale was the southern one-fourth of the eastern one-half of Old Town Lot 335.  After advertising, taxes and other costs, the total tax levied against her was $172.69.  Mr. R. S. Pyles, the Sheriff of the City of Brunswick, sold the property during a Sheriff’s sale on the steps of the County Court House.  Glynn County purchased the property. 

16 October 1934 -- Nathan Emanuel Sr.; his daughters Daisy Emanuel and Virginia Emanuel; his son Nathan Emanuel Jr.; and Ellen Emanuel Robinson signed a loan for $2366.97 using 3 Wright Square for collateral.  The monthly payments were $18.72.  The loan was from the Home Owners Loan Corporation. 

3 October 1939 -- Nathan Emanuel, Harry K. Emanuel, Nat. Emanuel, Jr., Daisy Emanuel Lewis, Ellen Emanuel Robinson, and Virginia Emanuel, all of Glynn County, defaulted on a Secure Deed loan to the Home Owners Loan Corporation.  The principal of the loan for Old Town Lot 335 was $2366.97 on Oct 16, 1934.  With interest at 5% and a monthly payment of $18.72, when they defaulted on the loan, the amount owed was $2250.00.  After the Sheriff’s advertisement in the Brunswick News, once a week for four weeks in a row (October 7, 14, 21, 28), 3 Wright Square was sold in fee simple (free and clear) to the Home Owners Loan Corporation.

11 May 1940 -- Mrs. Mary Joanna Wade bought 3 Wright Square from The Home Owners Loan Corporation.  She paid $2669.75 for the two story house and the land it sat on, half of the northern half of Wright Square. 

        The Queen Anne style home was two stories, wood sided and painted white with black trim with a front porch that wrapped almost three quarters around the house.  The porch had eight foot wide concrete steps on three sides with
walkways to the street made of the same octagonal concrete stepping stones that are found on the downtown sidewalks today.  There were three high archways at the top of the stairs in the front going onto the porch.  On the front of the second story was a porch that looked approximately 15 feet wide and 8 feet deep.  This porch had banisters but was later screened.
        The home was later divided into two apartments upstairs for rentals and two downstairs, with the larger area in front for the main residence.  The three apartments had full kitchens and living spaces and private baths.  The main residence had a formal parlor with a fireplace and two large ceiling to floor windows in front.  Huge sliding pocket doors divided the parlor from the dining room.  The floors were wood strips about three inches wide and varnished.  Linoleum was laid in the kitchen and dining room and a floral carpet covered the formal parlor floor.  The large dining room had a fireplace and a quilting frame hung from the ceiling to be pulled down when needed.  There were two bedrooms, the main one made from a sun room to the east side of the house and the smaller one was to the west side of the dining room.  A large kitchen sat behind the dining room and a coal bin was under the back stairs from the kitchen.  Outdoor stairs on the east side of the house gave access to the second story, as well as a staircase inside.  All walls were painted white; there was no wood paneling in the house.  It was fitted with gas jets, but Mr. Wade replaced them with electricity in 1939.  The one bathroom had a deep tub with claw feet and there were no closets in the house.
        Joanna's husband Jud (a carpenter by trade), built a small rental house in the large dirt courtyard behind the home that faced Egmont Street; a large tool house for himself; and a three car garage with an apartment over it. The garage apartment faced the back of Glynn Academy.

23 June 1952 -- Even though they did not want to lose the property, Joanna Wade sold 3 Wright Square when the city wanted to buy the northern half to build a junior high school.  3 Wright Square was sold for $42,900.00, all structures on the northern half of Wright Square were torn down the second week of February 1953. The school was opened in 1954.




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