Berrie Family of Glynn & Camden Co., Georgia

Berrie Family Facts & Photos

The family history contained on the following pages was compiled by Amy Hedrick, with the help of Mrs. Dixie (Cothran) RichardsonMrs. Richardson was the only heir of Nadine Berrie who died 15 August 1985.  Nadine was the author of a book that she wrote about Glynn and Camden history and her family.

This book was comprised of family stories and history passed down through the generations, and covers many aspects of local history and local families.  Through this book, I have gathered the Berrie genealogy you will find on the following pages.

The photos for the Berrie family were found in Nadine Berrie's possession at the time of her death, and Mrs. Richardson as been gracious enough to allow them to be posted on this website.

The book that Nadine Berrie wrote is currently being protected by legal means, so that it can be shared by the family with you, the researchers.  Soon, hopefully, it might be available on this website, if anything, a surname an index will be available as soon as permission is granted.

Any questions about the photos or the descendant charts should be directed to me, Amy Hedrick, Mrs. Richardson is not researching her family history, this was something I did for her while typing Nadine's book for preservation.

This GEDCOM is a work in progress!  Many dates are missing, I have the info, just haven't had the time to put it in, as I have to extract it from other sources.


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