The People of Coastal Georgia; Family Files & Gedcoms


Family Files & Gedcoms

The People of Coastal Georgia

African-American Family Files

Family Files at The Crypt
GEDCOM's submitted to Tara Fields

Ashley Family

BALLARD, Nathaniel Harrison
Ballard Map

Descendants     Obits
Documents        Photos

Descendants     Obits
Documents        Photos

Descendants     Obits
Documents        Photos

Burroughs Family

Farmer, Robert
Documents        Photos

Descendants  Photos

Glynn Co. Vol. 1

Minehan / Creamer
Descendants     Obits
Documents        Photos

McDonald Family
Descendants    Obits
Documents     Photos

Risley, Douglas Gilbert

Sawyer, Gorham

Smith Family
Descendants     Obits
Documents        Photos

Rev. Seaborn Greene Childs

Todd, Henry


The following pages are dedicated to the local families of Glynn and surrounding counties.  Many of these pages were created by me, Amy Hedrick, for other people who wanted to display their family history, others are links to family pages already online.  You can also go to the Surnames section of this website to see more people searching for family who do not have websites.

Some folks just donated papers and photos for display, and do not want to, or can not help any further, please respect their wishes.  Due to copyright and ownership of some materials, many of these pages have been protected so that they can not be copied.  This is not to deter you from using them, this is to deter web thieves from building their own web sites from my hard work.  One person ruins it for all, my apologies.

If you want copies of any of the materials on this site, just ask, and they will be furnished to you.

Many of these photos are available for your personal research upon request, so just ask!  If you come across sites where there is no contact person available, please contact the webmaster, Amy Hedrick, as I am usually in contact with these families.

I have created 2 family GEDCOMs, one is titled "Glynn Co. Vol. 1" and the other is "Glynn Co. Vol. 2".  Volume 1 pertains to predominately European / Caucasian pioneers and Volume 2 pertains to predominately African-American families in and around Glynn County.

This data has been researched by me, with various descendants contributing data and corrections along the way.  If you find any mistakes or discrepancies, please let me know.

If you would like to share your information, please email me, I will be happy to post photos, descendant charts, links to your GEDCOMs, websites, and more!



Aplin / McLaughlin

Descendants     Obits
Documents        Photos

Dixon Family

Glynn Co. Vol. 2

Harris, Jacob

Magwood, Major

Descendants     Documents

Sapelo Island

Scott Family
McIntosh County

Small, Neptune
Descendants     Obits
Documents        Photos

Stafford, Robert
of Cumberland Island

Descendants     Obits
Documents        Photos

Wilson, March coming soon!
of Sapelo Island


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