A List of Early Settlers of Darien, McIntosh Co., Georgia

A List of Early Settlers of Darien, Ga. 1735-1741

Compiled by Bessie Lewis from (1) Colonial Records of Georgia (published and unpublished)
(2) A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia, edited by E. Merton Coulter and Albert E. Saye
(3) Charleston County Wills, Charleston, SC
(4) Mesne Conveyances, Charleston, SC
(5) Deed Records, Liberty Co., GA.

Donated to this site by Ann R. Davis


Bain, Jo, of Lochain, age 45, Tr. Servt
Baillie, James, servt to Kenneth Baillie, age 33
Baillie, John of Fortrose, Farmer
Baillie, Kenneth, age 20 farmer, ensign to the Darien Company
Bain, Kenneth, age 18, servt to Alex Tolmie
Bain, Will, of Thuso, age 19, Tailor
Burges, Joseph
Burges, Margaret, wife of Joseph
Calder, Will, age 20, Tr. Servt for 4 yrs, at expiration of his services was made a soldier of the Highland Independent Company by General Oglethorpe
Calwell, John
Cameron, Alex’r, slain at seigh of Inverness, age 20, servt to Farqr. Macgilivray
      “   , widow of Alex’r.
Campbell, Colin, gentleman, age 17
Campbell, John, 24, woodcutter
Chisholme, Alex’r, of Inverness, age 10, servt to Farqr. Macgilivray
Chisholme, Alex’r of Dronach, age 17, Servt. To Mr. Mackay of Scourie
Chisholme, Margt. Age 22, servt to J. Sinclair
Clark, Donald, age 23, of Doris, Farmer
Clark, Donald, age 42, of Tongie, Slain at St. Augustine
      “  , Barbara Grey, age 40, wife of Donald
      “  , Alex’r, son, age 15
      “  , Angus, son, age 5
      “  , Barbara, dau.
      “  , Geo., son, age 13
      “  , Hugh, son, age 12, a soldier in the Highland Independent Co.
      “  , Will, son, age 8
Clark, Hugh, age 21, of Dorris, Farmer, Sgt in the Independent Co.
Clark, Hugh, born in Ga., 3 yrs 3 mos old May 6, 1741
Cleaness, Alex’r, age 24, Tr. Servt.
Cogach, Jo., age 33, laborer and cowherd
     “     , Ann Mackay, wife
     “     , Angus, son, age 7
     “     , Christiana, dau. age 16
     “     , Isabel, dau., age 13
     “     , William, son, age 11
Crookshanks, Rob., Servt to Farqr. Macgilivray
Cuthbert, Geo., of Inverness, farmer
Cuthbert, Jo, age 31, of Draikes, Gent.
Denune, Jo, age 26, Tr. Servt.
Douglass, Geo., age 28, laborer
     “     , Margaret Munro, wife, age 29
Dunbar, Capt. George
Dunbar, John, age 36, Inverness, Farmer
Forbes, Hugh, Servt. To Will and Hugh Sterling
Forbes, John, age 26, servt. To Jo. Cuthbert of Draikes
Fraser, Donald, of Abercour, servt to Patrick Grant
Fraser, Donald, of Inverness, age 20, servt to Alex’r McIntosh
Fraser, Donald, of Inverness, age 22, servt to Jo. Cuthbert of Draikes
Frazer, Donald, of Kingussie, age 25, servt. To Jo. Mackintosh
Fraser, Jennet, age 18, servt for 4 yrs
Fraser, John, age 21, tr. Servt.
Fraser, Margaret
Glass, John, age 18, servt.
Grant, John, age 18, servt to Patrick Grant
Grant, Margaret
Grant, John, age 22, laborer
Grey, Margaret, age 24
Joliffe, Mary, age 22
Kennedy, Will, age 22, Tailor, servt to Jo. Cuthbert of Draikes
     “     ,  Elizabeth, wife age 24, servt. To Jo. Cuthbert of Draikes
Lossley, Christian, age 30, widow Highlander
Macbean, Will, age 27, tr. servt.
Macbean, Duncan, age 21, servt. to John Mackintosh, Holmes’ son
Macbean, Archibald, age 26, of Aberlaur
     “     ,   Catherine, wife, age 21
     “     ,   Alexander, son
Macbean, McWillie, Jo. Age 27. Servt to Jo. Spence
Macbean, Will, age 17, Tr. servt.
Macdonald, Alex’r
Macdonald, George, age 19, of Tar.,Tr. Servt.
Macdonald, Hugh, age 37 of Tar.,  laborer
Macdonald, Donald, age 22, servt
     “     ,  Alvine Wood, wife alias Winwood Macdonald
Macdonald, Elizabeth, age 19, servt for 4 yrs, by 1741 was called Hellen
Macdonald, Norman, age 32, laborer
     “     ,  Elizabeth Mackay, wife age 29
     “     ,  Catherine, d. age 9
     “     ,   John, son, age 6
Macdonald, Jo, age 32, Hunter
     “     ,   Marian Cadach, wife age 29, died Aug. 1742
     “     ,   Donald, son, age 2
     “     ,   Elizabeth, dau. age 6
     “     ,   William, son, age 4
Macdonald, Ranald, died in S.C. after 1741
Macdonald, George, age 22, laborer
Macdonald, Georgia, born in Ga., age about 6 yrs 1741
Macdonald, Janet, born in Ga. (Darien) 4 yrs old in 1741
Macgilivray, Farquar, age 30, servt. to J. Cuthbert of Draikes
MacInver, Murdow (Murdoch?), servt to J. Cuthbert of Draikes
Mackintosh, Adam, age 22, of Lange, laborer, tr. servt
     “     ,  Catherine Monro, wife, age 25
Mackintosh, Jo., age 21 of Inverness, laborer, Tr. servt
Mackintosh, Benj., age 50, or Dorris, farmer
     “     ,   Catherine, w, age 45
     “     ,   Eliz., d., age 20
     “     ,  Jannet, d. age 18
     “     ,   Lachlan, son, age 12
Mackintosh, Donald, age 17, servt to John Mackintosh of Inverness
Mackintosh, Donald, age 20, of Inverness, servt to Alex’r Mackintosh
Mackintosh, Geo., age 21, of Durnes, tailor
Mackintosh, Jo., age 50, senr. Of Dornes
     “     ,  Cath., wife age 47
     “     ,   Alex’r, son, age 8
     “     ,   Will, son, of the Highland Co. of Rangers
Mackintosh, Jo., age 15, farmer, of the Highland Rangers
Mackintosh, Jo., age 21 of Dorris, Farmer
Mackintosh, Jo. Holmes
Mackintosh, John, age 24, of Inverness, farmer, son of Holmes
Mackintosh, John Mor, age 36, Gent.
     “     ,  Margaret* (*Marjorie Fraser), wife, age 30
     “     ,   John, son age 8
     “     ,   William, son, age 10
     “     ,   Lachlan, son, age 9
     “     ,   Phineas, son, age 3
     “     ,   Lewis, son, age 14 mos.
     “     ,   Janet, dau. age 14 mos.
     “     ,   Ann, dau, born in Darien, in 1737
     “     ,   George, son, born in Darien, 1739
Mackintosh, John, age 50, of Dornach
Mackintosh, Robert, of Moy, age 20, servt to Jas. McQueen
Mackintosh, Roderick, age 19, farmer, of the Highland Rangers
Mackintosh, Hugh, born in Darien 1739      
Mackay, Alex’r, age 28, of Lange, laborer, Tr. servt
Mackay, Angus, age 19, of Tonge, laborer, Tr. servt
Mackay, Angus, age 28, of Andralichlis, Tr. servt.
Mackay, Bain Donald, age 39, of Tar, Laborer, Tr. servt
Mackay, Donald, age 39, of Tar, tr. servt.
Mackay, John, age 22 of Tonge, laborer
Mackay, Neil, age 40, of Tar, Tr. servt (age may have been 22)
Mackay, Will, age 24, tr. servt.
Mackay, Cha., age 17 of Tar, ensign to the Highland Co.
Mackay, ____, of Scourie, Gent.
Mackay, _____, of Strothie, Gent.
Mackay, Lt. Hugh, made capt. in Oglethorpe’s regiment
Mackay, James, age 17, of Tar, slain at St. Augustine
Mackay, Barbara McLeod, wife of James, age 36
     “     , Barbara, dau., age 17 or 11
     “     ,  Donald, son, age 9
     “     ,   Jeanne, dau., age 6
Mackay, Jo.  Age 50, of Lairg.
     “     ,   Jannet Mackintosh, wife age 40
     “     ,   Donald, son, age 6
     “     ,   Jeanne, dau, age 2
     “     ,   Patrick, son, age 7
Mackay, John, age 56, of Durnes, farmer
     “     ,  Jannet, wife age 32
     “     ,   Elizabeth, dau.
     “     ,   Hugh, son, age 18
     “     ,  John, son, age 3
     “     ,   Mary, dau.
     “     ,   Will, son
Mackay, William, age 18, servt to Mackay of Strothie
Mackay, Will, age 21, of Lavig, servt to Mackay of Scourie, soldier in the Independent Co. of Highlanders
Mackay, Donald, 32, laborer
     “     , James, son, age 8
     “     ,  Margaret, dau. age 12
Mackay, Donald, age 21, laborer
Mackay, Elizabeth, age 20
Mackay, George, age 20, cowherd
Mackay, Isabel, age 18
Mackay, William, age 21, cowherd
Mackay, Angus, age 21, tailor
Mackay, Marian, age 16
Mackay, Catherine, dau. to widow Christian Lossley
Mackay, George, age 20, of Tar, trustee’s servt
Mackennie, Alex’r, age 50, laborer
Mackenzie, Tho., age 23, trustee’s servt.
Mackenzie, Will, age 17, trustee’s servt
Maclean, Alex’r, age 32, of Inverness, farmer
Maclean, George, age 30, of Ardelack, farmer
Maclean, John, age 19, of Inverness, servt to Allen Maclean of the Highland Independent Co.
Maclean, John, age 29, servt to Robt. Macpherson of Alvie
Maclean, Simon, of Inverness, Servt to Alan Maclean
Macleod, Angus, age 17, of Hawnick, Weaver, servt to Mackay of Strothie
Macleod, Angus, age 17, of Apint, Tr. servt of the Highland Independent Co.
Macleod, Donald, of Tar, laborer, servt to Mackay of Strothie
Macleod, George, age 17, laborer, servt to Mackay of Strothie
Macleod, Hugh, age 21, laborer, servt to Mackay of Strothie, of the Highland Co.
Macleod, John, of the Isle of Skye, Scots minister at Darien
Macleod, John, age 35, fisherman
Macmurrwick, Alex’r, age 20, servt to Colin Campbell
Macoul, Alex’r, age 30, servt to Mr. Mackay of Scourie
Macpherson, Norman, age 24, laborer
Macpherson, Robt. Age 24, of Alvie, farmer
Macqueen, Ja., age 19, of Inverness
Macqueen, James, age 19, his servt.
Main, Geo., age 23, servt. to Donald Steward
Miller, James, age 18, servt to James Anderson
Miller, David, age 26, servt to Mackay of Strothie, of the Highland Independent Co.
Monro, Alex’r, age 24, of Dornach
Monro, Donald, age 45, of Alnit, Rossit, laborer
Monro, John, age 16, of Alnit, Rossit, laborer
Monro, Robt., age 17, of Dornach, laborer
Monro, Will, age 12, of Dornach, laborer
Monro, Will, age 40, of Durnes, laborer, of the Highland Co. of Rangers
     “     ,  Eliz., dau. age 17
     “     ,   Margaret, dau., age 14
Morchison, Jo., age 30, of Kildruth, laborer, Tr. servt.
Morrison, Cath. Of Durnes, age 22, servt. to Will Munro
Morrison, Hugh, age 23, farmer, a Highland Ranger
Morrison, Hugh, age 22, of Tonge, laborer, Tr. servt. of the Highland Independent Co.
Munro, James, age 33, cowherd
     “     ,  Janet Macleod, wife, 26
Murray, Alex’r, age 28, of Rogart, laborer, tr. servt.
Murray, Alex’r, age 17, laborer
Murray, Jo., age 25, servt to Mackay of Scourie
Robertson, William, age 21, cowherd
Ross, Hugh, age 36, of Drenach, servt to Mr. Mackay of Scourie
Ross, James, miller of Waffin
Shearer, Donald, ag 16, of Tonge, laborer, tr. servt
Sinclair, John, servt to John Mackintosh of Dorres
Spence, John, age 36, servt to Jo. Cuthbert of Draikes
Sutherland, Robert, age 35, of Leath, tr. servt
Sutherland, Alex’r, age 30, servt to Mr. Mackay of Scourie
Stewart, Anne
Stewart, Anne, age 8
Stewart, David, age 23, of Cromdale, surgeon
Tolmie, Alex’r, age 36
Watson, Hugh, age 18, servt to Tho. Baillie, murdered at sea, June 1730


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