1936 Letter from Mrs. Franklin Dunwody Aiken to the Grant Family Descendants, Glynn Co., Georgia

Buford K. Aiken Letter to Robert Grant Descendants
dated 19 February 1936

Letter was donated for use on the Glynn County History & Genealogy website by a descendant of Mrs. Aiken


Brunswick, Georgia

February 19, 1936

          I am having this letter typed to be sent the living descendants of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Grant, who I can locate.
          Children of Hugh Fraser Grant, Jr. are Miss Rose Grant, and her two sisters, Carrie Grant Sinclair, and Nan Grant Huntingdon, and his only son, Roger Grant's only child, Catherine Grant Pumphrey.
          Children of Louisa Grant Conrad, one daughter, Mr. [sic] J.D. Randall.
          Children of Sarah Grant Hogan Hatch are Edith Hatch Banks and Robert Hatch.
          Note these are grandchildren of Frances Amelia Grant Troupe; Phineas Miller Nightingale, Mrs. Chas. K. Lennig, Mrs. Wm. Crovatt and Mrs. Hugh Hughes.
          Since the rice plantations of Dr. Robert Grant, and his son Hugh Fraser Grant of Glynn County, Ga. have passed into the hands of too many for me to give dates and details, other than to mention William DuPont of Wilmington, Del., who bought Elizafield Plantation some ten years ago to add to his holdings already acquired, Altama Plantation, as Elizafield adjoined Altama.  At Mr. DuPont's death, the property did not attract his daughter, and she offered it for sale.
          Two years ago, Mr. Cator Woolford of Atlanta, Ga. bought the DuPont holdings in toto.  Soon after Mr. Woolford purchased this property, he conceived the idea of making part of Elizafield Plantation into a public park.  The tabby ruins on this plantation having been under discussion for some years, as being one of the Spanish Missions of the Georgia Coast.
          The State of Georgia has been quite in the forefront with State Park activities and accepted Mr. Cator Woolford's offer of this tract of land.  Immediately after acceptance, the State Began the development of this part to be known as Santa Domigon [sic] State Park, and on Friday, November 22nd, 1935, the Park was formally given to the State by Mr. Cator Woolford, and accepted by the Governor, Eugene Talmadge, with fitting ceremonies.
          To this spot already beautiful by nature, the work of man has added to its attractiveness with drives, walks, etc.  The tabby ruind [sic] I have mentioned before, also the spring, many old ruind [sic] of houses of days gone by, and the burial place of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Grant and three small children.  The lodge and keeper's house, the new buildings; are of Spanish Architecture.
          My interest in the development of lands that were owned by my ancestors, is very keen.  Some years ago, Mr. Howard E. Coffin, bought Retreat Plantation on St. Simons Island, Thomas Butler King's home, and made the beautiful Sea Island Golf Links.  At both of these places, Santa Domingo Park and Sea Island Golf Links, the descendants are made welcome as distinguished guests.
          As a little matter of record, let me add Santa Domingo Park is easy of access on the Coastal Highway from Darien, Ga., where the Coastal Highway coming South is built on the rice fields, markers are placed here directing the traveler to the left of the highway, where you turn to Santa Domingo Park.
          Elizafield, Evelyn and Grantley were the three rice plantations owned by Dr. Robert Grant and his son, Hugh Fraser Grant.  Elizafield is now Santa Domingo Park.  Grantley and Evelyn Plantation are now owned by Mr. Frank D.M. Strachan, Jr., who married Florence Lord Aiken, my daughter, and in a way is owned by a Grant descendant.
          I am mailing the local newspapers under separate cover with the account of the presentation of Santa Domingo Park on November 22nd, 1935.
          Hoping this will not prove to be a bore and uninteresting, but intensify the interest in the above property.

Yours very sincerely,
Mrs. Franklin Dunwody Aiken [signature]
Buford K. Aiken [typed]


I find many ??? in this paper, i.e. many descendants not given.  My own children who they married, Mrs. Maxey's [sic] & her daughters.  Mrs. Parks? has no children.  [This was handwritten by Mrs. Aiken]




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