Letter From Joseph duBignon to Joseph Nicolau 20 March 1839; Glynn Co., Georgia

From Joseph duBignon to Joseph Nicolau
Copy of letter can be found in the "duBignon" vertical file at the Brunswick Public Library.


Jekyl March 20th 1839

My dear Joe,

          I have been putting off writing to you for a length of time--The fact is--I have been so much engage since I have moved here, that I have not had time to do so.--
          Think not, my kind friend, that I have for a moment forgot you and all your kindness to me.--NO--I am indebted to you for too much for that---
          Well Joe, here I am, settled on Jekyl, an old married man & as happy as I can wish to be--loving my dear little wife more & more every day.--Joe, get married as soon as you can.  I never knew what it was to be happy until I was married--The further I go, the more I am convinced of that fact.--Were I a single man now on Jekyl I would died, whereas with my wife with me I am perfectly happy & contented.--
          Now, if I could only see you here now & then I would be "prime"--Since I cannot have that pleasure, do let me hear from you how you are getting on and everything concerning you--all of which you know will interest me.--
          Tell me what made you clear out in such a hurry the morning we left Marengo--You did not even tell us goodbye & did not allow me to give your "Corn Starter" a shake.--I look forward with much pleasure for the 15th April, when I will see you at court, if not before,
          Let me know how you are going on with your planting concerns (you see that all the feelings of the planter have returned to me).--We have got through planting here and have nothing nothing [sic] to do but hunt, fish &c &c, playing gentlemen.
          All my old pursuits have returned to me very naturally--& I find a great deal of pleasure in them.  Such as hunting, fishing, shooting, swimming &c &c.  I have Emmett & Cracker in fine order & enjoy my rides on the beach much more than I used to do in consequence of the company of ma chere petite femme.--
          All here desire to be kindly remembered to you--Cite sends you much love.--"Snaphoo" says that he is going for you some of these days.--
          Remember me affectionately to all at Marengo when you see them.--Let me hear from you soon, give a kiss to the old gin bottle for me & one also to Ben & excuse a short & hurried letter from
                                                                                                    Your attached cousin & friend
                                                                                                              Joseph Du Bignon

By the bye, how is our dear, dear, dear Gourdin My love &c kiss to him.

Mr. Joseph Nicolau
Glynn County



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