The Brunswick Hospital Georgia Harbor Magazine October 1907; Glynn Co., Georgia

The Brunswick Hospital
Georgia Harbor Magazine October 1907
Donated by Jim Blain

           This institution has a unique history.  Mrs. Theodore Crovatt, mother of Judge A.J. Crovatt is clearly entitled to first mention in connection with this institution.  She originated the thought.  Was president of a society of ladies changing from time to time.
           She was active and indefatigable in soliciting subscriptions for many ears.
           John J. Spear, an old Brunswickian, gave the site for the hospital, naming but one condition, that there should be a Blain ward perpetually maintained to perpetuate the memory of Dr. J.S. Blain, who had always been an active supporter of a hospital.
           In the period from 1880 to 1890 the corner stone was laid and work progressed as subscriptions were received.
           The panic of 1893 suspended active work, but not the earnest efforts of Mrs. Crovatt and the ladies who were her coadjutors.  So many ladies at at various times devoted their personal efforts, that it would be invidious to mention a part and omitting any, and we therefore content ourselves with saying that this hospital enterprise was preeminently the work of the patriotic women of Brunswick.
           As prosperity returned work was renewed.  The ladies appealed to the mayor and council to take over the hospital.  The title was passed upon and the mayor and council of the city took over the title and appropriated during Judge Crovatt's term as mayor, a large sum of money.
           Through Mayor Crovatt's exertions, a large sum was donated by the Jekyl Island Club.
           The ladies held a hospital fair from which a large sum, exceeding $5,000, was raised.
           Additional subscriptions came from individual members of the Jekyl Island Club and from other sources.
           The work was renewed and prosecuted under the control of the mayor and council, of which Lee Robinson was chairman.  Morton Marie was chosen as architect.
           The building was rapidly carried to completion, wards equipped, and the total result is one of the finest hospitals in the South.
           Dr. G.W. Blanton, one of Brunswick's leading practitioners, is the surgeon in charge.
           Brunswick can proudly point to this institution with pride as peculiarly the patriotic work of the women of Brunswick, and all who have participated in this noble work have cause for deepest gratification over the complete success which has crowned their efforts.


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