Sophomores Valdosta High School Lowndes Co., Georgia

Valdosta High School


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Raymond Boone Frank Parramore Hilda Davis
Maxwell Brown H.F. Parrish Marie Duke
Ida Brown J.C. Parrish Marguerite Futch
Emma Burchett Robert Rose Viola Hansen
Evelyn Collins Hazel Shepherd Thelma Hall
Theo Coleman Harvey Spivey Ethel Herndon
A.D. Corn Julian Stovall Ethel McCranie
Bill Dudley Ralph Strong Evelyn Moore
Annie Lee Eyoup Cullen Stuckey Carrie O'Neal
William Force Walter Stuckey Novella Shaw
Lloyd Green Virginia Sineath Myrtle Squires
Joe Griffin Roberta Stark Thelma Spivey
Annell Glaze Walter Waldron Georgia Kemp
Pauline Griffin Wilmer Williams Mattie D. Simpson
Billy Harrel Mary Lou Watts Virginia Dalton
Joseph Herring Willie Pearl Williams E.T. Davis
Chandler Jones Archie Arnett Martell Hale
Louise Jackson Harry Barnwell Myrtle Lazarus
Peyton Lawson Orvin Coppage Robert Pindar
Obie Malloy Charles Dasher Wallace Stokes
Marjorie Malone William Dennis Hoke Smith
John O'Neal Sheldon Hearn Gordon Tillman
Evelyn Moore Mack Hall J.H. Touchstone
George Howell J.C. Johnson Edward Landers
R.F. Lineberger Henry Parramore Alonzo Rouse
Youell Weston McKay Young Myrtice Anthony
Ione Anthony Mary Elizabeth Bumby Elizabeth Croome
  Madge Chambers  


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Ninth Grade History

     Back in 1924 our jolly class entered V.H.S. as Freshmen.  My how big we felt!  We then had aspirations of becoming some of the world's most noted people.  But, alas, when Algebra and Latin were encountered, we discovered that it would take much energy and great concentration to fulfill these dreams.
     However, we are now the Sophomore class and next year we will be Juniors.  Oh, how these years pass by.
     At the beginning of our Freshmen year we were slightly green.  The unaccustomed surroundings and the razzing of the Sophomores and Juniors caused us a great deal of confusion, but in spite of that we were still determined and at the end of the first year in high school we had ten names on the Honor Roll.  We took part in athletics, as football, basketball, and baseball.
    We also took part in different literary contests, as music, reading, and ready writing contests, and though we won no great honors we were proud of ourselves for the effort.
     At the beginning of our Sophomore year we had the pleasure of razzing the Freshmen ourselves, and we enjoyed this for a while but soon settled down to real business and now we are justly proud of our classmates.  We are represented in school activities in football, basketball and track.  We also feel that we have accomplished much intellectually.

Evelyn Collins, Class Historian


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