Seniors Valdosta High School Lowndes Co., Georgia

Valdosta High School


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Genevieve Bollinger
"Beware of Two Black Eyes"

     Better known as "Snooks," migrated to us from Miami in the fall of '25.  She has proved to be a most popular member of the student body. With her peculiar brogue and ways, she has endeared herself to the hearts of the faculty and the students, especially the boys.  If it were a crime to be cute she would be a hardened criminal.




Cortelyou Ball
"Truth, simple truth, is written on her face."

     Just a little kind deed here and there will make the world much better.  Cortelyou has always been a girl who has done everything that she could for others.  She has been actively engaged in all branches of high school life, especially distinguishing herself in French.



Beauchamp Breedlove
"It is not any crime
In this day and time.
To say what you think....
But to write it in ink?

     Beauchamp came to us in the fall of '24 and has proved an excellent member of the class.  She was chosen treasurer of the Class of '26 and has managed the finances with much skill.  She was also chosen to prettiest girl in the Senior class and is still living up to this reputation.  As social editor of the Dosta, Beauchamp has distinguished herself in the realms of journalism.



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D.B. Blanton
Football, '22, '23, '24, '25
If you should as me what I like
I'd answer--girls--and I'd be right.

     D.B. has been one of the most faithful men in athletics.  His one aim was to make varsity football and this dream was realized this year.  We always go to him when in doubt about either the spelling or the pronunciation of the words of our lessons.  In his Senior year of school he has developed into a prominent business man.  We predict much success for Bert.



Mary Kate Burrows
"I have more understanding than all my teachers"

     Mary Kate has in her the making of a great poetess.  She has written several poems showing much worth and value.  Her deep study of psychology has mad her one of the most interesting conversationalists in the class.  Probably the reason her mind dwells on such subjects is that until her ninth year in school she was brought up under the strict training of the college.


Evelyn Blanton
"Always doing something
A task she'll never shirk.
She shares her joys with others
And is always found at work."

     It doesn't matter how long the lesson is Evelyn always knows it.  We think that Evelyn's bashfulness is a cloak for her wisdom.  We know that she will make good in college because she always takes time to think before she acts.



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Ferda Bruce
Basketball, '24; Annual Staff, '26
"An all-around marvel of diligence"

     She is an athlete of an exceptional ability, her literary work especially in English has won her many honors.  She is a consistent student of "A" rank and, although she seems so businesslike in every respect, we suspicion that she has designs on one of the members of the opposite sex of our class.



Sarah Cranford
"Let nature's girt go not to waste--
My tongue's for talking as well as taste."

     Sally was one of the most original members of the Freshman class of '22.  She is the life of the class and has paid especial attention to the cultivation of her voice.  She has always been foremost in the student activities and is ever ready to do her part to make Dosta Hi a success.  She was chosen president of the W.A.B.'s and has carried out her office duties very well.


William Culpepper
Basketball, '26
"The women simply adore him,
His lips are like cupid's bow,
But he never ventured to use them,
So they voted him slow.

     William though a little girl-shy will perhaps surprise some one by eloping with our most popular girl.  In spite of everything the girls will always fall for him because they always fall for the man who turns on them and icy stare.


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Geraldine Doris
"A gentle lady of leisure
Has time enough to waste
And though all the world may hurry
She never needs to haste."

     School seems to be a sideline for Geraldine.  Although she has always done her work well, her mind has been elsewhere.  She is a loyal student, who is appreciated by all the class.




Ulmer Conoley
Football, '22, '23, '24, Captain '25
He is a royal friend to the core,
His friends do him adore.

     "Skinny" has been with us since the fall of '22.  He rapidly became popular by starring on the football team.  He played varsity football for four years and was one of the greatest attractions of the season.  He was captain of the team of '26 and won the love and admiration of every one of the athletic men.  Uncle Si is wise for his years.



Hargrove Coleman
"How recklessly he fordeth his way around."

     Hargrove, better known as Percival, is Mineloa's contribution to Dosta Hi.  He believes in taking life easy and he is happy all the time.  He studies sufficiently to pass up his work and if you're ever lonesome call on him for some dry wit to cheer you up.


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Vallie Dalton
"Come not near me in the measure of my wrath."

     Vallie seems to have been imbued with an extra share of pep and deviltry.  She is a good sport and will try anything once.  She has a great weakness for Emory men.  It is enough to say that she is a W.A.B.



John Robert Dasher
Football, '24, '25; Basketball, '25, Captain, '26; Baseball, '26; Track, '25, '26; Annual Staff, '26.
"Oppressed with two weak evils--Love and Hunger."

     "Johnny" has distinguished himself in the athletics of V.H.S. for the past two years.  he is one of Dosta High's few four-letter men.  His good playing of basketball caused him to be elected captain of the team in '26.  In '26, at the district meet, he won first place in the 100-yard dash.  he is a celebrated official of the distinguished R.A.R. club.


Margaret Dasher
Annual Staff, '26
"It is nice to be natural when you're naturally nice."

     The business ability of Margaret was shown when she was elected treasurer of the Freshman class of '22, of the Sophomore class of '24, and of the Junior class of '25.  Margaret is always ready to make use of her ready wit and her great literary ability to aid in making any school activity a success.  She is loved by all because of her affability and friendliness.


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Gladys Dudley
"Blest are we who are not simple."

     The first we knew of Gladys was in the fall of '24.  She came to us as one of those overworked Juniors but now she is a sophisticated Senior.  There is no limit to her conversational ability--to hear her you would call her an orator.





Ramelle Daugherty
Basketball, '25, '26
"Live and laugh and let the world go by."

     Ramelle is a good basketball player.  She is almost too busy to attend school, but in spite of her affairs she makes a good student.  Frankness is her one outstanding characteristic.




Joe Davis
Track, '25; Annual Staff, '26; Manager Football, '25; Manager Basketball, '26; Debate, '26
"Worry kills people--why die?"

     "Joyde's" vocabulary is so large and his speech so fluent that those of us who possess only a limited number of words can hardly talk to him or understand him.  He is without doubt the most faithful and consistent workers in High School.  His work on the "Dosta" of '26 has been unlimited and to him we owe a very great part of its success.  He is the Grand Kershaw of the R.A.R.'s.


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Catherine Davies
"When affection paints the portrait may critics mouths be shut."

     Precious things come in small packages.  Placid as a quiet lake under June skies is "Koot"--gentle, calm, serene and smiling.  She is an all-around student and stands in special favor with the faculty.  We must not forget that she is a W.A.B.




Joe Demming
Football, '24, '25; Track, '25, 26.
"And when it comes to doing things he's made of stuff worth while."

     Joe made his debut into High School in the fall of '22 and has shared our joys and sorrows throughout our four years.  He made varsity football in the fall of '25 and has been a track man for two years.  Joe is a boy much admired and loved by all the class--especially the girls--they say his smile wins.



Julia Devereaux
"Woman's tongue keeps no Sunday."

     "Icky," the man hater, at least, in the eyes of the Senior class, is renowned for her length, physically, and her dept, mentally.  Her ready wit has endeared her to the girls and well as the boys and there are some who might be able to prove that she does not come by her title of "man hater" honestly.  She holds an honorable place in the ranks of the W.A.B.


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Dorothy Griffin
Annual Staff, '26
"Hang sorrow, care will kill a cat,
Therefore let's be merry."

     Dorothy is a member of the Senior class, who is refined, quiet and unassuming, yet when she is called on to help in any phase of high school activities she responds gladly.  She is not pretentious but one recognizes her as a true student.  Her greatest distinction is that she is a member of the W.A.B.



George Griffith
"A steady and brilliant mind with the air of dignity."

     George was first heard of in high school in the fall of '24.  He is a brilliant student and has proved his capability in many ways.  His studies do not worry him but his fear of skirts seems to be an unconquerable barrier.




Doris Hitchcock
"Tell her of Jacob's ladder and she will ask you the number of steps."

     She has won many friends by her quiet conscientious manner.  She is always dependable and willing to do her part--a wonderful trait and rare.  "To thine own self be true--thou can'st not then be false to any man," so characterizes Doris that we can see nothing short of success for her.



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Guerry Harris
"Measure not your mind's height by the shadow."

     A first honor man is always to be envied and Guerry is the envy of his class.  Soberness, conscientious work and an open mind are his noteworthy characteristics.




Louise Holcombe
"Soft, gentleness is she in sweet attractive grace."

     Louise had the honor of being elected "Miss Dosta" this year.  This means that she was voted the most popular girl in Dosta Hi.  She was also elected the best all-around girl in the Senior class.  She has excelled in music while in high school.




J.L. Harris
"The only way to have a friend is to be one."

     He is quiet, sincere and studious.  His friendship is a pleasure to all.  He is a great lover of V.H.S. having taken part in football in '22, debate in '22 and is on the staff of the '26 "Dosta."



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Frances Holmes
Basketball, '23, '24, '25, '26.
"An everlasting argument--silent only when nothing can be said."

     Besides her ability as a literary student she won first place in the cooking contest at the district meet in '26.  She has laughed her way into the hearts of the entire student body.  She is a basketball player of very great merit.



Theron Hornbuckle
Debate, '26.
"If I don't get there today I'll get there tomorrow."

     Theron is a talented musician to the neighbors great regret.  He is noted for his nonchalant attitude toward his textbooks.  We think Theron must be in cahoots with the clock for it dare not strike 9 until he arrives.  Wine, women and song have dealt gently with this young man so far.


Evelyn Jackson
Basketball, '26.
"A girl with plenty of common sense and a lot of devilment."

     Three years ago Evelyn better known as "Tally," came into our midst and took her place in "Dosta."  The teachers immediately recognized her ability in the works of literacy merits.  And she soon settled down into the routine of High School life.  She is a musician of some note and has been under the tutorage of Miss Sneed.  She has distinguished herself by making the varsity team in basketball, and she has helped to make the season a success.  She is also a member of the W.A.B.


pg. 24

Ruth Johnson
"I think and think, but never find
Just what's the matter with my mind.
It turns, whirls and oft revolves,
But never a problem does it solve."

     We readily agree that Ruth is justly entitled to the honor of the cutest girl in the Senior class.  One of her many assets is a smile that never comes off.  She is a good old chum, being large of heart and mind and there is nothing that she will not do for a friend.



Dorothy Jones
"I find it my greatest desire,
Is to be called wife of some noble sire."

     A sweet face, a sweet voice, a sweet manner, a sweet disposition--this is "Dot."  "Dot" has so firmly rooted herself in our hearts that she was voted the sweetest girl in the class.  She is also distinguished by being a member of the W.A.B.'s.



Floride Joyce
"I want a house just for two,
Filled with happiness thru and thru."

     Floride is a charter member of our class.  She has shared the ups and downs of the class of '26 since the Freshman year.  She is very good in the work of the literary curriculum of the school.  Her excellency in the use of cosmetics is an art coveted by many in our class.



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Evelyn Murphy
"I'd rather walk with a man any day than with an angel."

     Evelyn enjoys the distinction of being the sponsor of the R.A.R. club.  She is also a very capable musician.  Her whole soul is the soul of music and rhythm.  At the high school manless dance she won the prize for the best Charlestoner.  She is a very popular girl and makes friends wherever she goes.



John Oliver
Football, '25; Basketball, '25.
"Oh, what may man within him hide,
Tho angel on the outward side."

     "Red" made his mark in the high school life of the class of '26.  He has played football on the varsity team, played on the basketball team, and is a member of the R.A.R. club.  He has a cheerful disposition and possesses a marcel in his red hair that causes all the girls to give him a great deal of trouble.  He has been a tireless worker on the Annual staff for this year.



Caroline Parrish
"Words, words, WORDS."

     "Totsie" has run her race with patience apparently thinking that her four years of high school life has served only as a stepping stone to greater and better things.  In her sweet unsophisticated way she has been a loyal student and may be characterized as always dependable.  Although she has been in high school for four years she has not as yet put away her baby talk.


pg. 26

Earl McKey
President Senior Class, '26.
"How beauteous mankind is."

     Earl entered high school in the fall of '23 and on account of an unfortunate injury he was kept from playing football.  He is editor-in-chief of the "Dosta" of '26 and also president of the Class of '26.  He was elected best looking boy in the Senior class and holds a responsible position in the R.A.R. club.  He is a good Charlestoner and is gradually emerging from the stage of looking upon girls as a ravaging work of art.



T.O. McLendon
"All the earth and air with thy voice is loud."

     Rudolph Valentino has been commanded to step off his high perch and give place to his rival.  Alas, the day of Rudolph is ended, he is the premier sheik no longer.  He must depart forever and at once for T.O. McLendon has taken his place.  He is an especial favorite in the eyes of Miss Bonner.




Iris Mills
"She is what she is--just friendly and cheerful."

     Iris has been with us during four years of high school life.  She is an all-around good sport and especial favorite with the faculty.  Her never tiring energy and bigness of hear has won many friends for her.



pg. 27

Nannie Pope
"Silence is more expressive than words."

     Nannie is quiet, amiable, friendly and feminine.  She is an exceptionally fine student.  Sterling is the word for Nannie's main make up.  She has been especially commended for her fine work in French.





Powell Puckett
"Chesty"  "Tom"
Football, '25; Basketball, '26; Baseball, '24, '25, '26; Track '25.
"I wonder who will run the world when I leave it."

     "Tom" has been with us since time immemorial.  He is a four-letter man.  Tales of his prowess have been spread afar [per se].  He is the great filibuster of the Senior class and Mr. Mott's great friend.  Powell is one of the most popular boys of his class.



Mary Frances Robertson
"A friendly heart has many friends."

     This versatile capable wide-awake has won a place all her own in V.H.S  She is full of pep and a loyal fan of every form of athletics.  Blest with good looks in an unusual degree we will prophesy the men will follow in her train.



pg. 28

Florence Selph
"She walks softly, looks sweetly, and talks lots."

     Florence combines good looks and brains, and is not affected by either.  She is a consistent, conscientious student and whatever walk she may choose her influence may always be for the best.  In her four years of high school career she has won staunch friends to whom she is ever loyal.




Chester Smith
Debate, '26.
"Pure old grit and self volition
Are never balked by mere condition."

     "Check" entered the hall of fame this year by making the debating team.  His school spirit and unselfishness have made him a friend to all.  he has much ability and is very industrious.  Although of a quiet nature he is very entertaining with his witty remarks.



Catherine Smith
"Much study is wearisome of the flesh."

     She is a girl who has won many friends by her sweet manner and conscientious work during her career at Dosta Hi.  She has distinguished herself especially in home economics.  Some man will find her a rare treasure as a homemaker in a "cottage built for two."



pg 29

Hazel Taylor
"Chatter, chatter all day long, and still there is more to say; we wonder if she ever will run down."

     Hazel has been with our class since they first entered the Valdosta High School.  She has this year distinguished herself by winning the prize offered by the U.D.C. for the best essay on the Confederate flag.  She is a loyal supporter of all branches of athletics.  She will be very greatly missed next year.



Emily Tillman
Basketball, '24; Captain B.B., '25.
"Variety is the spice of life, it gives it all its flavor."

     Tillman made her entre three years ago from the college; she has played basketball for two years and was the captain in '25.  She won the preliminary in expression last year, and although losing in the district meet, she was tried again this year.  "'Tis the songs you sing and the smiles you wear that make life worth while."



Ada Wells
"Silence is golden."

     Though very quiet and living in a little world all of her own we know that Ada's love for Chemistry will penetrate into some distant realm.  One could never tell whether Ada knows her lesson or not, but just question her an you will soon find out that she can always give brief answers.  We are still wondering if Ada has decided this question:  "To be or not to be."


pg. 30

Thelma Williams
Basketball, '26.
"A good friend is the best of sports."

     We got our first view of Thelma in the tenth grade.  She quickly distinguished herself by her sweet disposition and ability to play basketball.  She made the varsity team and her playing was a "sight to behold."  She was voted the wittiest in our class.  She is one of the many in the class who will make a good mark in the life after school days.




Jewel Wilkes
"Charming in manner, appearance and speech."

     Jewel is gifted with an abundance of energy and pep as she has demonstrated by finishing her high school days with flying colors.  Her good disposition has made her a possessor of a great number of friends, among the student body as well as the faculty.



Mary Youles
Basketball, '24, '25; Captain B.B., '26.
"This bold, bad woman."

     Mary otherwise known as "Piggie" has been with us all the four memorable years of High School life.  She has won second place in the district meet this year.  She is a shining star in the realm of basketball and has made three letters and has attained the coveted place of captain of the basketball team.  She is also an estimable member of the W.A.B. club.



pg. 31

Edwin Zant
Football, '22, '23, '24, '25; Basketball, '22, '23, '24, '25; Baseball, '22, '23, '24, '25.
"Lives of football boys remind us,
That they write their names in blood
And departing leave behind them
Half their faces in the mud."

     Zant's popularity has been on the increase since the fall of '22.  He, then, only a Freshman in high school, made the varsity football team.  He is also a letter man in basketball and baseball.  For four years he has played in every football game scheduled by Dosta, and it was very seldom that he failed to gain ground.  In '26, Zant's last year in high school, the fans presented him with a handsome gold watch in appreciation of the work he has done in leading old Dosta to Victory.


Tennys Jones
"Florida forever."

     Tennys has just come back to us from Miami where she went some time ago.  We are glad to have her back.  She is of great literary ability and has an exquisite sense of humour.  She is an all-round student and is a favorite with her classmates as well as the faculty.



George Ellis Claus
"Shall I go, or have I said enough."

     He has distinguished himself as a public speaker on various and sundry occasions.  He is especially fond of snooky looking people.  George is everybody's friend.  "Let's go fishing.  Got a car?"



pg. 32

Joel Dampier
Football, '22, '23, '24, '25.
"A sweet attractive kind of grace."

     Joel is one of the best football players that Dosta has ever possessed.  He has played a great part in leading Dosta on to the brilliant victories gained in the realm of football.  He has good business sense and applies business methods to high school life.



Charles Norwood
Football, '25; Basketball, '26.
"Always devilish and quite cute."

     Although he has been in Dosta Hi only one year he has gained an enviable reputation.  Everybody looked for "Nut" on the football field, for it did not matter how hard the fight or how badly hurt he was he was always smiling.  He was also a basketball star of some note.




Arthur Garbutt
Football, '24, '25; Track, '26.
"Who wooed in haste and means to wed in leisure."

     Arthur has shared the fortunes of our class for four years.  He has experienced a hard fall into the depths of love, the object of his affection being no other than that of "Miss Dosta."  He has a great amount of business sense.



pg. 33





Jack Rouse
"What a piece of work is man."

     Jack is a man of few words but when he does come out of his shell he startles us by his scintillating wit.  Such worth as he is will not go unnoticed by the world.  He will be greatly missed in V.H.S. next year.




pg. 34 & 35

Last Will and Testament

State of Georgia,
City of Valdosta,
County of Lowndes.

     The Senior Class of the Valdosta High School on the 4th day of June, while we still are in good health, but doubtful sanity, do hereby will and decree our most prized and highly cherished possessions to that undeserving but well meaning class of Juniors.
     Item 1--The Senior Class as a whole wills to the Junior Class as a whole, first our privilege--leaving school at any time we wish to, after two fifty;
     Second, we will to the hilarious Junior Class, our awe-inspiring dignity.
     Item 1--D.B. Blanton his great enunciatory powers to Cyrus Adylette.
     Item 2--Beauchamp Breedlove her stately hearing to Catherine Fowler.
     Item 3--Ferda Bruce wills to Martha McArthur her seeming importance.
     Item 4--Skinny Conoly leaves his ability to play Football to Herbert Carlton Blackburn, Jr.
     Item 5--Joel Dampier leaves his neatness to Winfield Lawson [he needs it].
     Item 6--John Robert Dasher leaves his meekness to William Campbell.
     Item 7--Joe Davis leaves to Rudolph Brown his Managerial abilities.
     Item 8--Joe Deming wills love of French to Warren Roberts.
     Item 9--J.L. Harris leaves his great regard of truth to George Everett.
     Item 10--To Vernon Dean, Doris Hitchcock leaves her inability to talk in class to Virginia Jones.
     Item 11--Ruth Johnson leaves her inability to talk in class to Virginia Jones.
     Item 12--Floride Joyce leaves her love of cosmetics to Melba Young.
     Item 13--T.O. McClendon wills his ability to trip the light fantastic to Ralph Valloton.
     Item 14--"Nut Norwood" leaves his constant good humor to Duke Mullis.
     Item 15--Caroline Parrish wills to Frances Cleveland her infantile prattle.
     Item 16--To John Winn, Powell Puckett leaves his guilt-edge mirror and unbounded admiration of
     Item 17--Jack Rouse leaves his high treble voice to Vester Brooks.
     Item 18--Catherine Smith leaves her love of the Domestic Department to Hilda Davis.
     Item 19--Chester Smith wills his debating ability to Julian Herring.
     Item 20--Zant leaves his athletic abilities to Harry Mixon.
     Item 21--George Claus leaves his graceful walk to Jesse Davis.
     Item 22--Tennys Jones leaves her ability to play hookey to Marguerite Langdale.
     Item 23--Gladys Dudley wills her knowledge to Vashti Howell.
     Item 24--Frances Holmes leaves her place on the Basketball team as jumping center to Mary Lou
     Item 25--Emily Tillman leaves her lasting "permanent" to Essie Fry Gibson.
     Item 26--Louie Holcombe her rights to the title, "Miss Dosta," to Elizabeth Pendleton.
     Item 27--Thelma Williams wills her dignity to Grace Garrett.
     Item 28--Hazel Taylor leaves her extreme height and daintiness to N.W. Brantley.
     Item 29--Mary Youles her title of class giant to Lloyd Bartley.
     Item 30--Guerry Harris leaves his time in study hall to Meville Harris.
     Signed, sealed, declared and published by the Senior Class on this, the fourth day of June, 1926.

Emily Tillman (L.S.)
Hazel Taylor (L. S.)
Evelyn Jackson (L.S.)

pg. 36

Senior Hall of Fame Boys

Most Popular Bert Blanton
Best Looking Earl McKey
Best All-Around Joe Davis
Laziest Hargrove Coleman
Best Sport "Nut" Norwood
Best Athlete Edwin Zant
Loudest Johnny Dasher
Neatest Joel Dampier
Most Bashful William Culpepper
Cutest John Oliver
Biggest Liar Powell Puckett
Most Conceited Guerry Harris
Wittiest Earl McKey
Most Lovable J.L. Harris
Silliest Guerry Harris
Smartest J.L. Harris
Biggest Pest Powell Puckett
Funniest "Nut" Norwood
Most Polite J.L. Harris
Biggest Complainer Johnny Dasher


pg. 37

Senior Hall of Fame Girls

Prettiest Beauchamp Breedlove
Cutest Ruth Johnson
Best Athlete Mary Youles
Best All-Round Louise Holcombe
Loudest Sarah Cranford
Wittiest Thelma Williams
Best Sport Evelyn Jackson
Most Talented Evelyn Murphy
Most Popular Emily Tillman
Most Attractive Caroline Parrish
Most Stylish Beauchamp Breedlove
Neatest Catherine Davies
Brightest Nannie Pope
Biggest Flapper Genevieve Bollinger
Sweetest Dorothy Jones
Biggest Man Hater Julia Devereaux
Silliest Frances Holmes


pg. 38

Senior Chemistry Club

Officers:  There ain't any          Colors:  Changeable, Blanton Mixes Them

Object:  To enter solution in the easiest way and to precipitate
out as Seniors, with no filtrate to reject.

Breedlove, B. Precipitates perfectly
Claus, G. Knows how to apply heat.
Conoley, U. Understands mass action
Culpepper, W. A rival of Einstein.
Davies, K. It should be diluted to suit the occasion
Davis, J. He handles a delivery tube like fireman does a hose
Devereux, J. Mercurous chloride?  Oh, that's used in chemical experiments.
Harris, G. Why wait for spring for violets, when we can get violet gas from iodine any day?
Harris, J.L. Hydrogen sulphide?  Bring a gas mask.
Hitchcock, D. "Gee, by hydrogen is light."
Hornbuckle, T. Bromine, that's a dangerous gas.
Joyce, F. "It's going to explode."
McKey, E. Varies in valance--knows all about equations.
McLendon, T.C. Some solubility.
Oliver, J. Freckles are not marks of decomposition, they are beauty spots of "Mother Nature."
Pope, N. Knows as much about saturated solution as Conley does about mass action.
Rouse, J. A shirt burned with acid holds no terror for a Senior.
Selph, F. Loves Chemistry.
Wells, A. Like Neon, little known.
Youles, M. Easier to break or hid, than to clean glass.
Zant, E. Understands effects of nitrous oxide.


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