Juniors Valdosta High School Lowndes Co., Georgia

Valdosta High School


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TOM FENN, President

Junior Class

John Winn Vice-President
Joe Pindar Secretary
Melba Young Treasurer


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Junior Class Roll

Cyrus Adylett Oscar Godwin Martha Matthews
Leonard Baldwin Essie Fry Gibson A.D. Mullis
Lloyd Bartley Carrie Harden Howard Oxner
N.W. Brantley Robert Harris Margaret Parrish
Bessie Bonnell Melville Harris Joe Pindar
Rudolph Brown Clancy Holland Elizabeth Pendleton
Herbert Blackburn Billy Haygood Mildred Posey
Vester Brooks Julian Herring Maurice Redding
William Campbell Katherine Hughly Mamye Richards
Frances Cleveland Louise Johnson Carl Simmons
Leon Cowart Virginia Jones Ollie Senterfit
Edrie Connell Charles Jenkins A.B. Smith
Evelyn Cross Charles Landers Helen Smith
Jesse Davis Winfield Lawson Janie Turner
Vernon Dean Marguerite Langdale Warren Roberts
Matilou Doss Martha McArthur Edrie Voight
Myrtle Donahue Lila Nell McLean Ralph Valloton
Curtis Dugger Marjorie McIntyre Joe Watts
Carlton Dougherty Eugene McGowan Julian Webb
Viva Mae Duke George McCrary John Winn
George Everett Mary Martin Susie Mae Williams
Tom Fenn Harry Mixson Melba Young
Katherine Fowler William Morgan Troy Jones
Frank Garbutt Dorothy Miller Elmer Boyce
  Cleo Mimms  


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Junior Class History
Attention Dear Readers....

     The history of the 1925-26 Junior Class is now before you.  Up to the present time the Juniors have been very reticent concerning the history of our class.  Not because of shame on our part but because of modesty.  In fact we were at first dubious whether to reveal our remarkable past or not.  But knowing that the Dosta would not be a success without our history (?) we have decided to give you the barest facts in the simplest form.
     So, gentle readers, our past is now revealed in which you will find the most wonderful achievements, the highest honors, and the most remarkable accomplishments of any group of people in the World; and that is not conceit, only self respect.
    At the close of the seventh year of Junior Hi our future as a class was rose-colored, with now and then a golden light shining through.  The cause of this rosy appearing future was the fact that we were going to enter V.H.S.  But, alas, our air castles were doomed to be torn down.  For on the first day we were sadly disillusions.  We were thoroughly and efficiently ragged by the Sophomores.  Nevertheless in spit of the ragging and the strange environment we were determined to accomplish great things.  As a result six Freshman names appeared on the honor roll.  They were Will Campbell, Frances Cleveland, Mildred Posey, Louise Johnson, Melba Young and John Winn.
     At the beginning of the Sophomore year we had the Lion's share ragging the Freshmen; in fact, the Juniors and the Seniors were left in the cold to a certain extent.
     The novelty soon wore off, however.  Then we turned our brilliant mental abilities to loftier things.  Behold the result:  In the eleventh District High School Meet we represented the school in four of the contests as follows:  music, debate, essay and pole vault.  The representatives were Melba Young, Marguerite Langdale, and "Bubber" McGowan.  Needless to say they did extremely well and won many points for V.H.S.
    At the end of this year the class had a large number of its members on the honor roll.  They were, Virginia Jones, Frances Cleveland, Mildred Posey, Joe Watts and Will Campbell.  Many of the Soph boys were awarded gold footballs at the end of the year for the [sic] stellar services.  They were as follows:  "Bubber" McGowan, John Winn, Harry Mixon and William Simmons.  In baseball we also had a number of candidates the most notable of whom were, A.D. Mullis, "Bubber" McGowan, George Everett, and Frank Garbutt.
     Now in our Junior year we have reached the acme of achievement in honor and service, but we hope to raise the standard and gain higher levels during our Senior year.  Our accomplishments are many and varied.  We have several of the best Varsity football men in our class, as those already mentioned.  Also we have the best cartoonist in V.H.S., Billy Haygood, who is a member of the Annual staff.
     Among the basketball players of the Junior class were Harry Mixson, John Winn, Jesse Davis and Joe Griffith and Julian Stovall.  They were all good players.  Among the girls were Mildred Posey, Grace Garrett, and Louise Johnson.  The captain of the baseball team is a Junior--George Everett; and its manager is another--John Winn.
     In the district meet this year the Junior class made a good showing.  Melba Young and Billy Haygood represented Dosta in ready writing and helped to make the good showing that we made in the meet.
     The Junior class possesses the handsomest boy in the form of A.B. Mullis.  The most timid is "Bubber" McGowan, and the best joke teller is Essie Frye Gibson.
     We think we have the best Junior class in the best school in the best town in the world.

Marguerite Langdale, Historian

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Who's Who Junior Girls

Prettiest Edrie Voight
Most Attractive Elizabeth Pendleton
Most Stylish Virginia Jones
Biggest Flirt Ollie Senterfit
Most Popular Margaret Langdale
Cutest Matilou Doss
Loudest Ollie Senterfit
Smartest Mildred Posey
Quietest Marjorie McIntyre
Best Athlete Mildred Posey


Who's Who Junior Boys

Best Looking A.D. Mullis
Most Popular Tom Fenn
Cutest Lloyd Bartley
Smartest John Winn
Best All-Around "Bubber" McGowan
Biggest Lady Killer Harry Mixson
Most Conceited Winfield Lawson
Biggest Liar George Everett
Best Athlete Eugene McGowan


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Sayings of the Junior Class

Lloyd Bartley Beware of my great bulk
Leon Cowart Music hat its charms
Eugene McGowan And yet the girls all smile on me
George Everett Baseball, "the king of games"
Jesse Davis What Billy says goes
Duke Mullis 'Comon you seven
Essie Fry Gibson I wouldn't ask you that
John Winn I love me
Harry Mixson Ego
Frank Garbutt I'm a poet but the world don't know it
Billy Haygood Jesse is always right
Melba Young Lend me your compact
Elmer Boyce Man is equal regardless of color
Ralph Vallotton Drink Milk
Troy Jones Hurrah for Miami


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