Freshmen Valdosta High School Lowndes Co., Georgia

Valdosta High School


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J. Adylett O. Whitfield N. Powers
M. Bennet C. Sandsburry B. Stein
R. Brogden L.L. Jones M. Smith
A. Broome E. Williams A.L. Quinker
J. Bohannon C. Anthony W. Carter
M. Cothron S. Boone C. Cercy
G. Donahue F. Bracewell F. Cothron
F. Ellis V. Blanton I. Coppage
L.M. Futtiche J. Connell M. Cromnover
S. Glaze H. Freeman T. Davis
S. Hinson J. Guess S. Dennis
H. Hitchcock L. Hearn C. Force
B. Jolley S. Jenkins W. Fowler
A. Kemp C. Jackson E.Y. Fry
J. Lary J. Karlip L. Girardin
O. McCall A. Little M. Hall
J. McCranie H. McIntyre M. Hall
C. Mosley C. McKey Q. Haynes
M.A. Mosley B. McLendon G. Holcombe
A.M. Mosley J. Parramore L. Johns
E. Moses C. Payne W.M. Kemp
R. Neal W. Rouse E. Larisey
F. Neal J.L. Ratliff I. Landey
L. Pope C. Young R. Parramore
C. Pollard J. Hurst M.V. Paulk
M. Shiver E. Arnold M. Pollard
M.B. Stevens E.L. Arnold R. Richardson
P. Sikes R. Arnett J. Sasser
W. Sanford R. Brantley E. Scruggs
E. Selph E. Bell E. Schieder
E. Stewart R. Collins V. Shaw
E. Shadwick M.L. Dasher S. Smith
E. Stallings D. Doty K. Stewart
E. Sasser I. Dugger H. St. John
T. Wells L. Forrest F. Voight
B. Williams A.F. Ham E. Walker
J. Williams M. Mixson T. Worthington
N. Williams M.V. McKey E. Wilson
B. Yarbrough   C. Zant


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     After a short vacation of uncertainties from old Junior High, we shook hands with ourselves as Freshmen of V.H.S. 
     On the morning of September 14, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty-five, there were a number of beings--ninety, to be exact--who entered the Freshman class and on the pure white virgin paper of time, seized the soulless pen to stamp our names in fame and glory.  But in less than five minutes after our entrance we began to realize our insignificance, and since that time this fact has been constantly before us.  We are still realizing it.  With a suddenness that took our breath, we became cogs in the machine and under Mr. Mott's iron maxims, "Grasp the Fundamentals," and the "Law is Supreme," we were quickly initiated into the secrets of high school.
     The outstanding occurrences of the early part of our Freshman year was spent cheering the football boys to victory.  We had just received our welcome into V.H.S., and felt very proud while we stood on the sidelines, helping to win the games.
     The reminder of our first year was spent in hard work.  On this lap many of us failed, some by close margins, others hopelessly.
     Though the youngest in school we were well represented in football, basketball, baseball and other athletic sports.
     And now, we think our class is a model and are proud that we have developed into honest, hard working pupils, not exceeded in dignity by the most supercilious Senior.
     We would rather be First Year than anything else, but I suppose if the Faculty wants us to go up in June, we will do so.

Seth Boon, Historian


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