Faculty Valdosta High School Lowndes Co., Georgia

Valdosta High School


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President Board Education

Mr. R.A. Peeples Mr. J.R. Dasher
Mrs. H.Y. Tillman Dr. E.P. Rose
Mr. L.L. Daugherty Judge J.G. Cranford
Mr. O.D. Dalton Judge A.J. Little


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Names of the Faculty

A.G. Cleveland Superintendent
J.P. Mott, A.B. Principal
M.E. Herndon, A.B. Coach; Science
Miss Eunice Clayton, A.B. English
Miss Christine Clayton, A.B. History
Mrs. J.P. Grace, A.B. English
Miss Sally Louise Fluker, A.B. Latin
Miss Thelma Damper Science
Miss Nebraska Findley Domestic Arts
Mrs. A.G. Cleveland Mathematics
Miss Adelaide Mockford Sight Singing
Mrs. Auburn Parrish Expression


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Do We Recognize Our Faculty

Sherlock, the Second J.P. Mott
A Perfect Flapper Louise Fluker
The Seniors' Best Friend Chris Clayton
Napoleon Mike Herndon
You're All Right If She Likes You Tillie Damper
Domestic Artist Nebraska Findley
Do As I Say and Not As I Do Eunice Clayton
Believes in Asking Questions A.G. Cleveland
A Good Ruler Caroline Hall
Parlez-vous Ethel Bonner
Sweet and Conscientious Mrs. J.P. Grace
Best All-Around Mrs. Cleveland


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