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Miss Dosta

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Society Events

     The students of V.H.S. entertained the visiting teams at dances in their homes throughout the football season, the music being furnished by Powell Puckett and his Dosta Serenaders.  The last football dance was a gala affair at the Woman's Club Building.  These dances were enjoyed very much and the proceeds went to the Annual of this year.

     The W.A.B.'s gave a benefit bridge party, the proceeds of which went to the Annual.  It was held at the home of one of the members of the club, Miss Vallie Dalton.  The club members acted as hostesses.  The programme consisted of a song by Miss Evelyn Jackson, a reading by Miss Mary Youles and a dance by Miss Evelyn Murphy.  Delightful refreshments were served by the hostesses.

     The football team was entertained at a banquet by the girls of the Domestic Science department.  This was an enjoyable feature of the season.  Speeches and toasts and the good supper served by the girls were the main feature of the day.
     The Senior class of this department entertained their mothers at a banquet.  This way given by the graduating class to show what the department has accomplished.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

     The R.A.R.'s, a club of boys, have had a series of dances, the proceeds going to the Annual.  The group of wide-awake boys have defrayed to a great extent the expenses of the Annual.  They have also entertained some friends and members of the faculty at a fish fry and at a dinner dance at Twin Lakes.

     The Junior Class, in order to raise money for the Annual, has entertained at a bridge party held at the home of Miss Marguerete [sic] Langdale.  The tables were all full and after prizes were awarded, dancing was enjoyed by many of the guests.

     The Freshman class gave a masquerade ball at the home of Mr. Curtis Jackson.  This was one of the first entertainments of this kind ever pulled off by a Freshman class in the Valdosta High and the Freshies of Miss Dampier's section deserved honorable mention as being the instigators of this plan of raising money for the school activities.

     The girls of the Senior class gave, as a method to raise money for the Dosta, a manless dance.  Some of the girls masqueraded as boys and were such good men as to cause some of the Beau Brummels of the Junior and Senior classes to experience severe pangs of jealousy.

     The Senior Class was entertained by the Lowndes County Club of the S.G.W.C.  This was in the form of a prom party.  Practically every member of the Senior class and some of the members of the faculty attended.  This occasion proved to be a delightful one in every respect.

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Senior Play

     An enjoyable affair every year is the Senior Play presented by the graduating class.  This year it was under the capable direction of Miss Marie Fry.  The play selected this year by the class differs from the usual order of the high school plays in that it is diverted from the monotonous trend into which these plays have been heretofore thrown.  It is "The Whole Town's Talking."

The cast is:

Mrs. Simmons Ramelle Daugherty
Mr. Simmons Powell Puckett
Ethel [their daughter] Mary Youles
Chester Binney [Simmons' partner] Joe Davis
Annie [a maid] Beauchamp Breedlove
Roger Shields [a Chicago blood] Earl McKey
Letty Lythe [a movie queen] Emily Tillman
Lila Wilson [a girl] Genevieve Bollinger
Sally Otis [ditto] Mary K. Burrows
Sadie Bloom [a dancing teacher] Frances Holmes
Donald Swift [a picture director] John R. Dasher
Taxi Driver John Oliver


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The District Meet

     The District meet was awarded to Douglas, to be held there on the 22, 23, 24 of April.
     Valdosta was represented well in the district meet and went over to win or to go down fighting.
     In the preliminary debate Joe Davis and Marguerite Langdale went down with flying colors before the strong team of Ocilla.
     Chester Smith and Theron Hornbuckle went over the Quitman only to be slightly out-pointed by Quitman's excellent team.
     Billy Haygood was our representative in the boys' essay contest.  On account of his inexperience he did not place, but we are sure that he will carry away the honors of next year.  Melba Young, our girls' essay representative, demonstrated her ability as an essayist by winning second place.
     Evelyn Jackson, our representative in the piano contest, performed creditably but failed to place.
     In the 100-yard dash John R. Dasher equaled the record by stepping the century in ten and one-fifth seconds.  In the relay race composed of Joe Demming, N.W. Brantley, Bubber McGowan, and Johnny Dasher we carried off third place.  In the broad jump Oscar Godwin won second place, his opponent beating him only an inch.  In the 120 yard hurdles Arthur Garbutt, running under a two-yard penalty, partially overcame this handicap in the second.  Raymond Boone heaved a shot over 40 feet, winning second place.  Baby Boone did well in the high jump but failed to place.  However, we are counting on him strongly for next year.
     When the points were tabulated the following was the result:  Ocilla, first, 40 points; Valdosta, second, 38 points; Quitman, third, 37 points.
     We didn't win this year but if we don't win next year "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark," for we lose only two trackmen, and a few of the literary contestants.
     The courtesy and consideration with which the contestants and visitors were treated shows the genuineness of the people of Douglas.
     The meet is to be held in Quitman next year.  We only hope that the meet there is carried off as nicely as the one in Douglas.

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The Junior-Senior Banquet

     The Junior-Senior banquet is an enjoyable feature of High School life.  Every year the Juniors entertain the graduating class at a banquet.  This is a gala affair in the society life of High School.  The Juniors of this year carried off the part of entertaining the Seniors in a very praiseworthy manner.  The toastmaster, Mr. William Converse Haygood, acted in a way which would have done credit to any experienced toastmaster.  It was held at the Woman's Club Building; the hall was beautifully decorated with tea roses and ferns, and the Senior class colors predominated throughout the whole color scheme.
     The speeches made by the faculty were interesting, and those by the students were full of wit and humor, especially the extemporaneous ones.  Between the courses the Juniors presented the unique programme of the night, which composed of dancing, speaking and readings.
     After the banquet the Juniors entertained the Seniors at a dance.

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Reges ad Regnum
(King for the Kingdom)

Favorite Color Freshman Green
Favorite Flower Century Plant
Favorite Odor Carbon Disulphide
Favorite Food Onions
Motto Steal what you can and what you can't, take
Favorite Hate Mary Youles and all W.A.B.'s
Song "We ain't gonner reign no more"


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Wanta Alpha Beta Club

Color:  Blue and White                    Motto: P.O.A.'s
Flower:  Bachelor Buttons          Song:  "A Good Man's Hard to Find"

Sarah Cranford.....................................President
Margaret Dasher.............Secretary & Treasurer

Sarah Cranford Julia Devereux
Vallie Dalton Dorothy Jones
Margaret Dasher Evelyn Jackson
Catherine Davies Dorothy Griffin

Mary Youles


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P.B. Club

Motto:  "We move anything"

Melville Harris George McCrary
Tom Fenn Carlton Daugherty
Lloyd Bartely Robert Harris
Leonard Baldwin Troy Jones
Howard Oxner Ralph Valloton

Wingfield Lawson


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Can You Imagine?

Joe Davis not drawing.
Frances Holmes serious.
John Winn quiet in Chemistry class.
Ferda Bruce failing.
Dignined Seniors dignified.
Sarah Cranford failing to take up for woman's rights.
Theron Hornbuckle on time for school.
Julian Stovall not inquisitive.
Hazel Taylor tall and thin.
Martha McArthur not in love.
Thelma Williams with bobbed hair.
Mary Youles with a glimmer of intelligence.
Mr. Mott in golf togs.
Miss Bonner in a good humor.
Eunice Clayton with black hair.
Evelyn Jackson not singing in chapel.
Caroline Parrish not talking baby talk.
Essie F. Gibson not telling a joke.
Nut Norwood not grinning.
Miss Dampier with an Irish BROGUE
Powell Puckett with all his teeth.
Johnny Dasher not hollering.

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The Dosta Staff


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