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The Valdosta High School Athletic

J.P. Mott.................................President of Athletics
M.E. Herndon..................Secretary and Treasurer

     Athletics in Valdosta High School is sponsored by the High School Athletic Association.  Every student is a loyal member of the Association.


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    Dosta believes in athletics and plenty of them.  The athletics of the Valdosta High School are always clean.  The education of a student must not be one-sided; he must be educated in physical as well as mental branches of education.  Athletics in a way teaches the fundamental principles of Democracy.  Athletics every year is becoming a most important factor in the High School life of the students.


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Miss Catherine Pendleton
Sponsor Football Team, 1925

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     The football season of 1925 was as a whole a very successful one for Valdosta Hi.  Although in this year we lost the first game in three years we gained a number of important victories.

     The first game of the season was with Pelham, which proved to be a very interesting game.  The Pelham team, despite its crippled condition, held the Cats to a final score of 33-0.  This was opening the season well--the Dosta team as usual winning.

     Our next battle on the gridiron was with the Bainbridge team.  It was prophesied that the Wildcats would lose this game because of the superior weight of the Bainbridge team.  However, the Dosta eleven charged through the heavier eleven to a victory, piling up a score of 26-0.

     With Ocilla the game was a harder fight.  Dosta's plunges into the Ocilla line were successfully blocked and Ocilla's star player continually gained ground.  A lucky fumble by the backfield on Ocilla's side was scooped up by Captain "Skinny" Conoley, who broke through the line to recover it, gave us a touchdown, the said Conoley dashing nearly half the filed for the only touchdown of the game.  A successful try for point gave the score a 7-0 look in favor of Dosta.

     The Albany Indians had determined to beat the Valdosta once in their lives and they came over full of pep.  Eleven men with but a single thought--to beat Valdosta.  But the hard fought game of that day ended in a tie, the score being 6-6.

     The Saturday after playing Albany on Friday Valdosta went into the territory of our hereditary enemies to conquer them again.  The game with Quitman was a memorable one.  The fans from Quitman were very sure of a victory and the fans from Valdosta were equally sure.  Then it remained for the teams to fight it out.  When the final whistle blew the score was in favor of the Cats.  It was 13-0.

     At Tallahassee, Valdosta High School went down in defeat.  For the first time in three years the proud victors of many gridiron battles were forced to strike their colors.  Tallahassee had a superhuman team.  The final score much to the sorrow of the Valdosta High School fans was 7-14 in favor of Tallahassee.

     After this defeat the Cats began a week of hard training for the game with the Lanier Poets of Macon.  The Poets thought this game would only be an easy practice game.  When the game came off the score at the final whistle was 6-2 in favor of the Valdosta Cats, the Poets were a sadder but wiser bunch.

     In Thomasville, the game for the Championship was played.  Although the game was a tie, the Thomasville team won the championship because of a majority of points.

     Tifton came over again to beat Dosta, but again we defeated her by a score of 23-0.

     Our last day of football in '25 was on Thanksgiving when we played the team from Brunswick, who for some time past had accused us of being afraid of them.  A score of 45-0 in favor of Dosta convinced them that this fear was ungrounded.

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Boys' Basketball Team

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Girls' Basketball Team

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Track Team
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John Robert Dasher 100-Yard Dash First
Raymond Boone Shot Put Second
Oscar Godwin Broad Jump Second
Arthur Garbutt Hurdles Second
N.W. Brantley 220-Yard Dash First
Eugene McGowan 440-Yard Dash Fourth
Seth Boone High Jump Fourth
Arthur Garbutt Pole Vault Third
Joe Demming Relay  
N.W. Brantley Relay  
Eugene McGowan Relay  
John R. Dasher Relay Third


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Baseball Team

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Baseball Team

George Everett, Captain Pitcher
Edwin Zant Catcher
Obie Malloy Pitcher
Warren Roberts Pitcher
Robert Rose First Base
Frank Garbutt Second Base
Powell Puckett Shortstop
Eugene McGowan Third Base
Vester Brooks Left Field
John Robert Dasher Center Field
Jack Hurst Right Field


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Who's Who in Football



Capt. Ulmer Conely Left Guard Senior
A.D. Mullis Center Junior
Joel Dampier Left Tackle Senior
John R. Dasher Left End Senior
D.B. Blanton Right Guard Senior
Robert Rose Right Tackle Sophomore
John Oliver Right End Senior
Raymond Boone Halfback Sophomore
Nut Norwood Fullback Senior
Edwin Zant Quarterback Senior
Bubber McGowan Halfback Junior
Julian Stovall Center Junior
Oscar Godwin Left Guard Junior
Bill Dasher Left Tackle Freshman
John Winn Left End Junior
Floyd Mosley Right Guard Junior
Robert Harris Right Tackle Junior
Joe Demming Right End Senior
Powell Puckett Fullback Senior
Arthur Garbutt Halfback Senior
Frank Garbutt Halfback Junior
Harry Mixson Quarterback Junior
Billy Haygood Left End Junior
Charles Dasher Left Tackle Sophomore
John Paulk Left Guard Freshman
N.W. Brantley Right End Junior
J.L. Ratliff Right Tackle Sophomore
John O'Neal Right Guard Freshman


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