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Glynn County Records--Supposedly the Glynn County Deed Records are all intact from the early 1820s up to today.  A rumor was circulated that we did lose some earlier deeds to a courthouse fire, but another story was uncovered that it was not a courthouse fire, but a house fire that destroyed these deeds.

It seems that there was no mandate that the records had to be stored at the court house.  So this clerk kept his work in his home office and his home caught fire, with some early deed records, (records that were not recorded in any books at the courthouse) and many early criminal and other Superior Court Records..  Therefore, many early deeds, or indentures, have been lost.  Several books were lost due to water damage, and general theft.  Luckily, a few of these deeds were indexed in the Grantor / Grantee Books, only there is not book to reference anymore.

The deed books start off with letters, A, B, C, and so on, then they go double letters, AA, BB, CC.  Then a number and a letter 1A, 1B, 1C, etc.  You will find these books on the first floor of the Glynn County Courthouse, and each book has been indexed into two types of indices spread out over several books.  Theses indices are called the Grantor [people who are selling the land/property] and the Grantee [people who are buying the land/property].

This makes your search easier, as you can search for your ancestor buying and selling property.  These indices are not only for buying and selling land, but also for mortgages, purchasing of automobiles, and more.

In some of the indices, you will see, instead of the lettered books, a Volume and a number.  These are mortgage books that are located in the Superior Court office, which is right next to the property records room.  These books are where you will find your ancestor buying a house, or an automobile, or horses, and many other types of properties.

McIntosh County Records--The original records for McIntosh County have been lost through 2 court house fires.  The first deed book available is Deed Book A where many folks re-filed their original deeds and claims to land after the fires.  An index to the book "McIntosh County Georgia Deed Book A Research Abstracts 1812-1876" written by Ann R. Davis, can be found here.  This book contains a synopsis of each deed from the original Deed Book A.

I have by no means, completely indexed or listed each book, or the people within each book on this website.  What I have done, is listed the deeds that I have in my collection, and as time permits, I will transcribe them on the site.  Eventually I will try to get indices for the early deed books online.

Brantley County

no records yet

Camden County  New!

Human Bondage: The Buying & Selling of Africans in Camden County, Georgia 1787-1865
A collection of slaved deed abstracts compiled by Tara D. Fields 2004-2008 Copyright PDF File

Deed Book AB (large PDF file)
pages 2, 70, 130, 161, and 162

Deed Book BC (large PDF file)
pages 8, 65-67, 89-90, 226, 235-239, 241-242, 282-284, 306-307, 330-331, 359, 378-380, 400-401, 417-418, 431-434, 461-462, 475-476, 497-498

Deed Book D (large PDF file)
pages 76-78, 144-147, 178-180, 228-230, 258-259, 262, 289-294

Deed Book E (large PDF file)
pages 6, 15-16, 38, 82-84, 101, 107-109, 135-141, 145-147,
202, 216, 221-222, 258, 265-266, 306-309, 321-323, 334-335

Deed Book F (large PDF file)
pages 9-10, 41-43 75-77, 79-80, 83-89, 123, 129-131, 134-136, 141-144, 153-154, 160-169, 205-206, 223-224, 250-262, 351,
364, 372-373, 400-401, 411-414, 419-421, 434-435, 443-446

McIntosh County

Deed Book A 1812-1876, Index




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