This cemetery is located on St. Simons Island, directly off of Frederica Road.  The above photo is taken from the back right-hand corner of the cemetery, facing Frederica Road.  My survey of the cemetery was completed in June of 2003.

According to Miriam Reyburn-Steele's notes, the three of the unmarked slabs are the graves of:

Othelia Wilson d/o Fannie Davis Wilson.
Lucinda Williams d/o Annie Williams.
Kiah Wilson s/o Fannie Davis Wilson.

Ms. Steele's survey of the cemetery was compiled in 1997, and while doing this survey she was informed that this cemetery has about 99 more graves, unmarked, and that the remainder lies under the building and parking lot next door to the cemetery.

The following are the transcriptions of the stones as surveyed in June of 2003 by Amy Hedrick.

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SurnameGiven NameMaiden NameBirth DateDeath DateBurialSexVetAge Images
CUYLERDaughter Of Toney   2 Mar 1920 2 Mar 1920  3 MAR 1920 F   INF  
DAVISBenjamin    10 Jun 1889 18 Mar 1951  M   61   
FINICKRichard     21 Nov 1919 22 NOV 1919 M   70  
HENDERSONJake    15 Apr 1875 15 Aug 1926 17 AUG 1926 M   51   
MURRAYLenora  Ramsey  15 Oct 1913 3 Nov 1999  F   86   
OSBORNEJanie Blake   1898 1966  F      
PHAENIXWilliam    9 Dec 1871 20 Jun 1921  M   49   
PIPERKatie B   5 Mar 1896 19 Apr 1928  F   32   
PROCTOREnoch    15 Feb 1889 27 May 1974  M US Army Pvt 85   
RAMSEYNamon    1903 8 Mar 1921  9 MAR 1921 M   18  
RAMSEYThomas    11 Feb 1911 31 Oct 1987  M   76   
SCOTTCharlton Jr   20 Nov 1929 18 Jul 2006  M USAF Tech Sgt 76  
UNKNOWN       M     
UNKNOWN       M     
UNKNOWN       M     
UNKNOWN       M     
UNKNOWNSlab       M      
UNKNOWNWooden Cross       M      
UNKNOWNWooden Cross       M      
WILLIAMSLucinda       F      
WILSONFannie Davis   6 May 1886 7 Apr 1946  F   59   
WILSONKiah       F      
WILSONOthelia       F     


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