Mt. Calvary Cemetery Brantley County, Georgia

Mt. Cavalry Cemetery

From the intersection of Hwy. 82 and Hwy. 121 at Hoboken, go west 0.7 miles.  Turn left onto
the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Road [CR 29] and go 2.3 miles and cemetery should be on your right.


GRIFFIN, Ruby Louise McNatt

02 Feb. 1926 Russellville AL

14 Feb. 1994 Brantley Co GA

McNATT, William Dudley


GRIFFIN, Maurice Eustace


JACOBS, Amy Jane Griffin

30 Jan. 1913 Pierce Co GA

27 Apr. 1994 Pierce Co GA

GRIFFIN, George Ruel

DAVIS, Minnie Lee

JACOBS, Leon Audrey


JACOBS, Leon Aubrey

16 Aug. 1913 Pierce Co GA

04 Jul. 1995 Brantley Co GA

JACOBS, Edmund Franklin "Ed"




JONES, Clarence P "Sarge"

27 Jul. 1922 Jonesboro ARK

12 Jan. 1999 Ware Co GA

JONES, William

WILSON, Valda Ann

BELL, Edith Julia


JONES, Edith Julia Bell

00 OOO 1926 Brantley Co GA

09 Dec. 2003 Brantley Co GA

BELL, Leon Leonard

BELL, Edith Julia

JONES, Clarence P "Sarge"


LEE, Ferman

06 Jul. 1931.

13 Mar. 1996.

LEE, Harrison

DOWLING, Sarah Jane "Janie"

CREWS, Rochelle


PAGE, Robert Franklin

08 May 1944 Brantley Co GA

23 Aug. 2001 Brantley Co GA

PAGE, Robert Leon

SHUMAN, Maggie

HOWARD, Iona Sue
M2: Rita FAIN



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